New World Stonecutting Guide: tips and tricks

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Stonecutting is one of the foundational trade skills in New World, letting players turn raw stone into stone blocks and raw gemstones into cut gemstones used for placing into weapons, pieces of armor, and jewelry.

Stonecutting is a rather basic trade skill to level up, and you’ll find plenty of resources needed to do so as you travel Aeternum. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Stonecutting in New World.

How to level Stonecutting in New World

The quickest way to level up your Stonecutting skill in New World is to craft stone blocks. You can find stone anywhere in Aeternum, mined from boulders. With this, you can craft a stone block with four pieces of stone. Stone blocks can be used in settlements or fortresses, and you can also sell them at the trading post.

Each stone block adds 36 points to Stonecutting, so filling your inventory space with stone and mass-producing stone blocks can really increase your skill level quickly. With your levels rapidly increasing, you can get to craft the more important items.

Best items to craft with Stonecutting

The most important items to craft with Stonecutting are cut gemstones. Players can gather uncut gemstones from mining ore veins and refine them into cut gemstones, which can fit into any piece of armor or weapon with an open gem socket. Each gemstone has different effects, like damage type, threat reduction/addition, and damage absorption.

You can also take cut gemstones over to the outfitting station and combine them with precious metals to create jewelry that can offer the same effects as inserting the gemstone into an open socket.

You can also combine motes into resources needed to craft tuning orbs, which are required to enter Expeditions. You can also craft the craft tuning orbs themselves if you have the materials, though obtaining those resources can be tricky.