All gemstones in New World: How to find and use them

Gather the stones.

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Affixing gems and jewels to armor and weapons has become a staple of many MMOs and RPGs—and the latest MMORPG from Amazon, New World, is no exception.

Certain pieces of armor, weapons, and trinkets that are Uncommon quality or higher and have Empty Gem Sockets can be fit with Cut Gemstones. These Cut Gemstones can provide various buffs, including increased damage, extra protection, and threat reduction/increases.

Finding Raw Gemstones

Finding Raw Gemstones in New World takes just a little effort and a bit of luck. Raw Gemstones can be found when mining any non-elemental ore vein: Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Starmetal, and Orichalcum. Mining these veins will give you a chance to drop a random gem.

You can increase your chances of gems dropping by equipping a Miner’s Charm or by consuming meals that increase Miner’s Luck. Of course, you can also browse the Trading Post for either Raw or Cut Gemstones if you have the coin.

What to do with Raw Gemstones

Once you have some Raw Gemstones, you can take them to the Stonecutting table to start crafting them into Cut Gemstones. Even if you’re never cut stone before, you can still craft Cut Flawed versions of any gemstones as long as you have a single Flawed Raw Gemstone and two of the corresponding motes. Because of the mote requirement, you’ll need to increase your Harvesting and Mining skills to get the needed materials.

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As you increase your Stonecutting skill, you’ll be able to cut better versions of Cut Gemstones. These will have higher material costs but will provide better versions of the buffs they usually provide. Here’s the tier list of Cut Gemstones, from worst to best with the skill level needed in parenthesis:

  • Flawed Cut Gemstone – Common (zero)
  • Cut Gemstone – Uncommon (50)
  • Cut Brilliant Gemstone – Rare (100)
  • Cut Pristine Gemstone – Epic (150)

It’ll be a long time until you can cut the Epic quality gemstones, but if you keep up on your Gathering skills, you should be able to cut the Common quality gemstones pretty quickly.

All Gemstones in New World

Here are all the gemstones available to gather and cut in New World, including the effects a Cut Gemstone would have if slotted into a weapon (first effect) or a piece of armor (second effect).

  • Amber
    • Arboreal – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Nature
    • Nature Ward – Nature damage absorption
  • Amethyst
    • Abyssal – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Void
    • Abyssal Ward – Void damage absorption
  • Aquamarine
    • Frozen – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Ice
    • Ice Ward – Ice damage absorption
  • Carnelian
    • Taunting – Generates more threat
    • Calming – Generates less threat
  • Diamond
    • Rally – Increased damage when at full health
    • Wilderness Ward – Increased Physical and slightly increased Elemental damage absorption
  • Emerald
    • Opportunist – Increased damage versus opponents at less than 30-percent health
    • Thrust Ward – Increased Thrust damage absorption
  • Jasper
    • Retaliate – Increased damage after receiving three hits
    • Strike Ward – Increased Strike damage absorption
  • Malachite
    • Cruel – Increased damage against opponents with an active crowd control effect on them
    • Spectral Ward – Increased Elemental and slightly increased Physical damage absorption
  • Moonstone
    • Exhilarate – Increased damage when you are below 30-percent health
    • Slash Ward – Increased Slash damage absorption
  • Onyx
    • Brash – Increased damage against targets who are at full health
    • Physical Ward – Increased Physical damage absorption
  • Opal
    • Gambit – Increased damage when your stamina is not full
    • Elemental Ward – Increased Elemental damage absorption
  • Ruby
    • Ignited – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Fire
    • Fire Ward – Increased Fire damage absorption
  • Sapphire
    • Empowered – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Arcane.
    • Arcane Ward – Increased Arcane damage absorption
  • Topaz
    • Electrified – Percentage of weapon damage converted to Lightning.
    • Lightning Ward – Increased Lightning damage absorption