The best class to choose in Elden Ring

Pick a class, any class.

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It takes around 58 hours to complete Elden Ring, but the calculations don’t involve the time players spend while creating their characters. While some players can just skip forward to the process to jump right into the action, others may take their time to ensure they get the perfect start.

In addition to making more cosmetic changes, players will also choose their starting classes that will impact their playstyle, especially the earlier stages of the game. Not only will players get the chance to favor some stats over the others, but starting classes will also determine the equipment they’ll be using as they venture into Elden Ring’s open world.

Players looking to breeze through their first hours of Elden Ring will naturally want to pick the best class for their characters, and here’s what you’ll need to consider while settling on your class in Elden Ring.

What is the best class in Elden Ring?

There’s no best class in Elden Ring since your choice at the beginning won’t impact your endgame experience. Runes allow players to level up and improve their stats, allowing them to build their character in any way they like regardless of their starting class.


If you’re looking to optimize your early game experience, however, deciding on how you’d like to play your first hours in Elden Ring will be essential while picking a class. The Vagabond class is generally considered a great all-rounder and will be an excellent pick for players looking to adopt a Melee playstyle. Alternatively, you could also pick Warrior, another great Melee class.

Players looking to prioritize defense above all can try out the Confessor class while Astrologer will be the best choice for magic enthusiasts.

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