New World Furniture guide: Furnishing leveling, placement, tips and tricks

Home is where the hearth is.

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There’s no place like home, even in a game where you’re always on the move like New World. Once you become an upstanding citizen within a territory, you can purchase a house for as little as 2500 coin, if you have at least a level 10 territory standing with that town.

After buying your home, you’ll notice how empty it can be without furniture and furnishings to fill it. Over time, you can slowly collect and craft items to place in your home, turning it from empty to welcoming.

Acquiring furniture in New World

While exploring the world and completing quests, you will acquire different furnishings from a variety of sources. This could include tables, chairs, rugs, and even pets. To access these while you furnish your home, make sure they are in either your personal inventory or the storage shed of the settlement your home is in.

You will also acquire plans for furniture as well, which when consumed will add the piece of furniture’s recipe to your knowledge base, just like Cooking recipes. To access these recipes, head over to your local Workshop.

Crafting furniture in New World

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Crafting furniture is its own trade skill, called Furnishing. Furniture can be crafted with the Furnishing skill at the Workshop. Even with zero levels in your Furnishing skill, you can still craft a good deal of Ash items like chairs, shelves, desks, beds, tables, and other decorations. For most pieces of furniture, you’ll need a combination of timber, iron, and cloth. If you keep up with other trade skills, you should have a steady supply of these.

You will also need Ash Stain to craft many starter pieces of furniture. This can be made at the Workshop with Charcoal and Weak Solvent. You will also sometimes need specific dyes that can be made at the Cooking station.

There are few items you craft with Furnishing that provide more than just decoration. Storage chests let you store additional items at your home, effectively increasing your storage space at a specific settlement. At level 75 Furnishing, you can also craft trophies to hang on your wall, providing you with various bonuses to combat, crafting, or gathering. The basic trophies require Lumber, Steel Ingots, Maple Stain, and a collection of specific Motes.

Placing furniture in New World

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When you go to place furniture in your home, head to your house and hit “B” to open the decorating system. A menu will pop up with all the items you can currently place.

Click on the item you want to place, and it will appear before you, ready for its new spot. You can move the scroll wheel up and down to rotate the item around, then click again to place it.


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