How to create linen in New World

Linen is one of New World's most prominent crafting materials.

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The latest MMO developed by Amazon Games Studios, New World, launched its closed beta testing period earlier this week and countless players are scrambling across the world of Aeternum to find resources. 

One of the most necessary materials players can craft in New World is linen. Linen, unlike raw materials, is created through the crafting process. Players can refine linen at the Loom Station by way of the Weaving skill. To find the Loom Station, look for the icon on your map that resembles a house with vertical sticks through it. 

Before you can refine your linen at a Loom Station, though, you’ll need to collect raw materials to craft the finished product. Players will need to collect fiber to craft linen. The process of turning raw materials into crafted items is an important factor in New World’s gameplay mechanics.

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To create one sheet of linen, players need to collect four pieces of fiber from around the world. Fiber is often found in the forest and grassland areas of the world map and can be easily identified by its long stems and purple caps.

Linen can be used to craft light armor, as well as certain bags. If you find yourself with a surplus of linen early on in the game, you can craft some advantageous pieces of armor that can give you a leg up in the early stages of leveling. 

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