How to level up quickly in New World

Fight, forage, and forge your way to the highest level.

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After an extended closed beta and a short open beta period, New World is finally here with a Sept. 28 release date. The big and ambitious MMO project from Amazon Studios sees its player base explore the mysterious world of Aeternum, form parties and companies, level up professions and weapon masteries, and even raise or lower property taxes.

One of the primary differences between the first and second beta periods for New World was the increased leveling up rate. And by all indications, it seems like that’s carrying over to full launch. But just because leveling up is easy doesn’t mean you can’t equip yourself with the knowledge on how to speed up the process. So let us tell you, explorer, how to level up quickly in New World.

Stick around one town and take advantage of its standing upgrades

There’s nothing wrong with exploring the world before settling down. But if your goal is to level up as quickly as possible, then you’ll want to pick a territory and stick with it. There are a few reasons for this, but the primary one will be taking advantage of your faction standing upgrades.

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When you complete quests and craft items in town, you’ll contribute points to your town standing. And when that levels up, you can pick an upgrade. You’ll have a choice of three upgrades each time you level up your standing. To level up quickly, you should prioritize these upgrades:

  • Increase in standing experience earned
  • Increase to experience earned

These two upgrades are the most important ones to acquire every time you reach a new standing level. The boost to experience earned is obvious and the increase to standing lets you acquire new standing milestone upgrades quickly. If neither are available, increasing your gathering speed is a fine substitute.

Staying in one area lets you retain these benefits as long as you’re actively in it, but you also get the bonus of being able to store all your excess crafting materials in a storage shed. You can access those while crafting in town without taking up space in your personal inventory. A town surrounded by a greater variety of resources will serve you well and should be something to consider when picking your main town. You don’t just have to go with the one you spawn closest to.

Check the town board and faction rep every day for quests

Once you’ve found your forever home in the corrupted and dangerous Aeternum landscape, there are two things you should be checking daily in your settlement: the town board and your faction rep.

Both will have daily quests for you to accomplish, with tasks that will have you craft recipes or potions, defeat enemies, hunt animals, collect items from landmarks, and more. These will afford you experience and provide additional benefits as well.

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Completing town board projects will go toward upkeep of the settlement and upgrade the crafting stations spread throughout the town. Completing faction missions will also reward you with currency that you can use to buy good faction-themed weapons and armor starting at level 15.

If you’ve exhausted all your quests from your local settlement for the day and are still looking for more, then consider traveling to a new territory and doing the quests there. But you should be taking advantage of your previously mentioned territory standing upgrades first, and of course, completing main story quests throughout.

Keep crafting as you go

Keeping up with your professions is an important part of your leveling up process. As mentioned earlier, there will be town board or faction rep quests that require mana potions, rations, fish, or other resources that can be crafted or gathered. Being able to find these or make them quickly will make these quests easier to accomplish.

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But gathering and crafting in itself also reward you with experience, while only taking up a small amount of time. And if you’ve been adding upgrades by increasing your territory standing, then you can gather faster and earn more experience while doing so.


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