Best factions to choose in New World

A New World to explore will open its doors this summer.

Image via Amazon Studios

MMO fans from all over the world are getting ready for New World as the game’s getting closer to its scheduled release date, Aug. 31. Before its full release, however, early adopters will have a chance to take a look at Amazon Games’ hat in the MMO ring in a closed beta environment.

Starting on July 20, players who’ve pre-purchased the game will gain access to New World’s closed beta. Players who would rather not pre-purchase the game will also have a chance to enter the closed beta since there’s also a tester sign-up page that will randomly invite players to try out the game.

From creating their characters to enjoying New World’s progression system, players will be able to dive deep into New World’s mechanics. Two PvP modes will be present so players can try out the combat mechanics, while you’ll also need to pick the class that suits your gameplay style at the beginning.

Once you get to level 12, you’ll also need to pick a faction, and it may be more challenging than it looks. Each faction has its pluses and minuses, making the fans wonder whether there’s a definitive best one.

  • The Covenant: The Covenant can be considered as a fanatical group that aims to purge heretics. The group’s ultimate goal is to cleanse the world of wrong-doers, according to their vision, and make it fit to their holy standards.
  • The Syndicate: The Syndicate are on a mission on their own, aiming to unravel all the forbidden knowledge around the world to ultimately start a new age of enlightenment.
  • The Marauders: The Marauders is essentially a military group that’s looking to form a new, free nation for the strong.

In terms of their lore, all factions have an agenda of their own. They will work toward making their dreams come true with the help of players joining their ranks. Each faction will offer specialized equipment to players as they rise within the ranks of their chosen faction, meaning there will be a slight difference between all of them when it comes to gameplay.

As of now, it’s hard to declare one of these factions as the best since it’ll also depend on what players will make out of the items that they’ll get from their faction progression. This will also depend on the server that you’re playing on since most are likely to have different dominant factions.

One factor that you should consider while choosing an allegiance will be checking out the overall territory that each faction will have under their control. If you’d like to stick to the PvE side of the game, you may want to pick the faction with the most territory under their control, since you’ll mathematically be safer around the map.

Players looking to make use of their combat skills may favor the faction with fewer areas under their control because it’ll be relatively easier to find trouble around the map. 

If there’s a clear favorite in your server, opting to join the ranks of the most dominant faction in your server can allow you to collect faction bonuses and rewards faster. These bonuses can include gathering advantages and crafting perks.