Does New World have PvP?

Is New World a new setting for killing other players?

Image via Amazon Studios

New World, the upcoming MMORPG from Amazon Studios, seeks to carve out a spot in a crowded MMO space—a space that sits below a true dominant juggernaut in World of Warcraft. Doing so won’t be easy, especially since many have raised concerns about its microtransaction model, but the title’s Summer Games Fest deep dive showed off the potential of the project.

New World will seek to place its own spin on popular MMO tropes like character creation, settlements, factions, and progression. Like many other titles in the space, it’ll look to draw in players with engaging PvE and PvP combat.

Will New World have PvP?

Yes, New World will have PvP content. Two modes will be available at launch.


The Amazon Studios team describes the War game mode as the “pinnacle of PvP in New World” on the game’s website. War is a massive PvP battle not seen in any other MMO in terms of scale, with teams of 50 players fighting for control over entire territories or settlements. Controlling a settlement or faction results in benefits for the controlling faction and company (kind of like a guild). Think of War as the PvP raids from World of Warcraft, except you can actually take over the town and get rewards for doing so.

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A faction can start a War after weakening the desired territory via Faction Missions. Once the territory enters a Conflict State, one of the faction’s Companies is randomly selected to make up the Vanguard and lead the first charge in the War.

When the War begins, the attackers must breach the walls of the territory’s fort and capture its Claim. Attackers must capture three rally points first before breaching the wall and these rally points can be used as respawn points once they’re claimed. Both sides will have access to various siege weapons and traps to help fight their War.

Outpost Rush

New World‘s newer PvP mode is actually a PvPvE mode called Outpost Rush. In Outpost Rush, two teams of 20 players fight NPC enemies and each other for control over specific resources and fortifications. Players earn points for killing enemies and holding outposts, and by securing points around the map. Think of Outpost Rush as a mix between the Gambit and Control game modes from Destiny 2, but with way more players.

Image via Amazon Studios

Unlike War, which was part of the alpha that a few players participated in last year, Outpost Rush will be a new game mode that debuts in the closed beta starting on July 20. Players can sign up for a chance to enter the closed beta via the New World website or secure their spot by pre-ordering.