Best DPS tier list in Final Fantasy XIV

Not all DPS jobs were winners following the release of Endwalker.

Image via Square Enix

While players won’t have too much trouble choosing their favorite healer and tank jobs in Final Fantasy XIV (there are only four choices for each category), it’s a completely different story for DPS mains. There are a total of 12 damage-oriented jobs to choose from in the game.

These jobs are divided into several categories: There are three Physical Ranged jobs, four Magical Ranged, and five melee DPS jobs. Melee DPS jobs are among the hardest in the game because they offer less mobility and force players to anticipate enemy attacks in combat. They boast the highest DPS outputs in general, however, rewarding players who have the patience to master them.

Ranged DPS jobs, on the other hand, have more flexibility and are easier to pick up. Their playstyles come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s recommended to test out a job from each category to understand what suits you best.

Only the best jobs will be listed in this article, and the Blue Mage won’t be included. The Blue Mage is a unique DPS job that learns all abilities from enemy attacks, and it can only play in duties with other Blue Mages. They’re fun to pick up but aren’t included in the core content of the game.

Here are the best DPS jobs categorized in a tier list in FFXIV.

What’s the best DPS jobs in FFXIV?

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S – Reaper, Summoner, Samurai

In general, melee DPS jobs have more damage potential than the other ones because they require many positionals, and the developer generally rewards this layer of difficulty with higher DPS output. For this reason, most melee jobs are on top of this tier list.

The Reaper is at this position not because of its pure damage output, which is weaker than other melee jobs, but because it is easier to pick up. It only has two positionals and its rotation is not that challenging to learn, so the Reaper is the perfect job for all situations.

On the other side, the Samurai is a bit more challenging to pick up. It has several combos the players must get a hold of. When it’s done, however, the Samurai becomes a killing machine. It has one of the best DPS potential and its rotations can be executed in many different situations.

The Summoner is the last job to make it to the top, notably due to its popularity among the players, whether it’s in casual or hardcore duties. It has become very easy to pick up since Endwalker‘s rework while remaining satisfying, with its conjuring of miniature primals. Like the Red Mage, it has a Resurrection ability that is also highly sought in all kinds of duties. It also has several instant cast abilities that allow it to keep some precious mobility and be more versatile.

A – Black Mage, Dragoon

The Dragoon is in the A list because it’s a bit easier to play than Ninja and Monk, but still has more positionals and more complex combos than the Samurai, although it depends on the specific skills of each players. It received some improvements in Endwalker, which make it more popular and easy to pick, with shorter jumps and a clearer combo. Still, it’s not as efficient in every situation.

On the other side, the Black Mage is certainly the most challenging ranged Magic DPS job to pick compared to Red Mage and Summoner, but it also has the highest DPS output. It’s challenging to play because it has the longest cast times in the game, which makes it very static in fights where it’ll have to dodge the enemy’s attacks. Moreover, it doesn’t have a Resurrect ability, as it solely focuses on pure damage.

B – Machinist, Red Mage, Ninja

Physical ranged DPS, which are made of Machinist, Dancer, and Bard, don’t have the highest DPS potential because they’re easier to play than melee jobs. They don’t have any positionals nor cast times, which makes their rotations simpler to execute. The Machinist is the highest-ranked job in this category because it has the highest DPS output, with fast rotations.

The Ninja is that low in the tier list because it’s challenging to pick up, with a lot of abilities to learn by heart and master to maximize its potential. Once you’ve learned the ropes, though, you’ll become a killing machine with it.

The Red Mage is below both other Magical ranged DPS because it has the lowest average DPS output in high-end duties, as well as the least popular in casual ones. It’s very fun to play but especially so for the Red Mage enthusiasts who liked this job in other Final Fantasy games. But it’s a bit more niche than other magical jobs.

C – Dancer

The Dancer is a fun job that is easy to pick up. It’s more accessible than the Machinist, but it also has less DPS potential. It’s a mix between the Machinist, which is purely DPS-oriented, and Bard, which is focused on supporting its allies. It has some support abilities and numerous damage skills. It’s versatile despite excelling less in one specialization or the other.

D – Bard, Monk

With Endwalker, Square Enix has strengthened the support capacity of the Bard and made it easier to pick up. It uses songs to give buffs to its allies while poisoning its enemies. The Bard is a decent job, but since it’s focused on supporting the party, it has a lower DPS output than most of the other jobs in the game.

In Shadowbringers, the Monk was the least popular DPS job. It gained popularity with Endwalker‘s rework, but has kind of fallen to oblivion again with the release of Reaper and buffs of other jobs since.

The Monk has an incredibly high DPS output. It’s more complicated to play than any other melee job, though, depending on what you’re comfortable with. It requires many positionals and requires a considerable amount of time to get acquainted with its playstyle.

Once players get through it, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in all kinds of content.