All locations of Bellion Ruins’ Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark

The Hymn of the Sun will come handy.

Image via Smilegate

The first major patch following Lost Ark’s Western release has seen countless players flock to the servers again to discover the new content, including the Glaivier subclass, new events, skins, first Ark Pass, and the new South Vern continent.

This continent comes with lots of new collectibles on the side of a main story to progress through. Players who are willing to complete their Mokoko seed collection will have some work to do with the two new maps, Candaria Territory and Bellion Ruins. Those maps include 12 seeds each to collect, which is no small feat.

To help you gain precious time, here are all the locations of the Mokoko seeds in Bellion Ruins and how to get them.

Bellion Ruins’ Mokoko seed locations

Screengrab via Smilegate | Remix by Eva Martinello

Among the 12 seeds, only three can be simply grabbed off the ground, which will make the map more challenging to complete than the other one from South Vern. Only the seeds framed in yellow can be picked up without specific requirements.

Here are the conditions to collect all of the other seeds from the Bellion Ruins:

  • You have to play the Hymn of the Sun in front of the seed location to unlock it. Here is how to get the song, even if you should get it upon entering this map for the first time.
  • Play Hymn of the Sun in front of the seed location.
  • You need 350 points in the Kindness Virtue to get this one. It’s located near the Magick Tome NPC that will say “Sometimes one word of kindness goes further than 100 spells.”
  • The seed is located close to the NPC Fairy “Now I see why they say liquor tastes sweet” and requires to max the rapport with Thar to get it.
  • Play Hymn of the Sun in front of the seed location.
  • The player must drink the Magical Vernese Brandy to get its buff and unlock this one.
  • The players need 350 points of Courage to unlock this one, as stated by the NPC close to that location.