All Island Sanctuary achievements and the fastest ways to complete them in FFXIV

There is much work to do.

Image via Square Enix

The Island Sanctuary is a feature like no other in Final Fantasy XIV. Introduced alongside Patch 6.2 in August, the peaceful place offers many activities far from the battlefield.

Players can farm crops, collect various materials, and craft tools to get more, as well as build the hideaway “of their dreams.” It can include pastures, workshops, and much more. Island Sanctuaries will offer several hours of game time and reaching the maximum rank (set at 10) will take a long time. And since it’s a new feature, the developer is likely to add more to it in future updates.

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In addition to minions, mounts, and glamours, players can get some achievement titles and points by discovering the feature and their activities. Here is the list of the Island Sanctuaries’ achievements and the fastest ways to complete them.

All Island Sanctuary achievements and the fastest ways to get them on FFXIV

For the moment, the achievements released alongside the feature aren’t hard to complete but will require some time. As such, it can be useful to know the fastest ways to get them.

Here are all the achievements linked to the Island Sanctuary feature:

  • Holy Cowrie: Earn a total of 500,000 Seafarer’s Cowries in your island sanctuary.
  • No Rest (Cycle) for the Wicked I and II: Accrue isleworks earnings totaling at least 10,000 cowries across a seven-cycle period (the second challenge requires 17,000).
    • This one will require a few tactical plans. You have to know all the ways to maximize your workshop production. But once you’ve figured out how to make the most of every cycle, you can save them as pre-sets and fill them up to seven weeks, betting on your luck.
    • Read the game’s guides on the workshop to manage best your productions. In short, you need to set two rest days per week, pile up items from the same categories to earn an efficiency buff and try to make a large variety of items instead of relying on a few ones, because the Demand Shift will yield less and fewer Cowries as you replenish the supply.
    • Always check that your stock meets the demands of your cycle production as you use materials for other tasks, or you will skip some production items due to material shortages. It can be done at all times by looking at the “Material Allocation” tab in the main interface.
  • But at What Cost I, II, and III: Collect 50 rare materials via island granary foraging expeditions (II requires 200, III requires 2,000).
    • To build a Granary, you need to have reached at least rank Five in the Island Sanctuaries. You can build up to two in your hideaway. Just be sure to always have expeditions ongoing to get this achievement.
  • Agri-cultured I, II, and III: Gather produce from your island sanctuary cropland 50 times (II requires 250, III requires 2,500).
    • To make the most out of your crops, don’t forget to expand them when possible and to check their watering level when you can.
  • Mine Now I, II, and III: Gather leavings from animals in your island sanctuary pasture 100 times (500 times for II, 5,000 for III).
    • Be sure to keep your animal’s mood up and feed them with high-quality food so that they give you more leavings at each reset.
  • Sustainable Sourcing I, II, and III: Gather resources from the wilds of your island sanctuary 1,000 times (3,000 times for II, 30,000 for III).
    • There’s no secret to completing this one except hard work.
  • No Mammet Is an Island: Achieve sanctuary rank 10 in your island sanctuary.