Minecraft Live 2022 returns with one big change

It's quite a big deal.

Image via Mojang

Although it launched over 10 years ago, Minecraft continues to propel forward with a steady stream of new and exciting content. With the recent reveal of Minecraft Legends and the continuous stream of massive Minecraft updates with one of the latest introducing horror through the addition of the Warden, the future of the sandbox game franchise is looking bright.

With so much to look forward to, the Minecraft Live 2022 event is sure to be packed to the brim with content players are eager to see. However, Minecraft Live 2022 will also have one major change from previous events fans will want to be aware of.

Image via Mojang

The Minecraft Live 2022 event will feature a brand new system for the iconic mob voting process. The mob vote is one of players’ favorite aspects of the Minecraft Live event because it allows them to choose a new mob that will be introduced as a new addition to Minecraft that then stays as part of the game forever.

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In Minecraft Live 2020, the Glow Squid was the chosen mob over the Moobloom and Iceologer. In Minecraft Live 2021, the Allay was chosen over the Copper Golem and Glare by the community to be voted into Minecraft permanently.

Image via Mojang

The mob vote previously took place on Twitter, but for the 2022 event, it will instead be done through voting on Minecraft.net, the Minecraft launcher, and through a special Bedrock server. Just like the previous votes, it’s all down to what the community chooses, so players who want to participate in choosing which mob is permanently added to Minecraft next should be sure they know how and where they plan to vote ahead of time.

When is Minecraft Live 2022?

Minecraft Live 2022 will be livestreamed at 11am CT on Oct. 15. It can be watched at this time either on the official Minecraft YouTube channel or on Minecraft’s official site.

The mob vote will open on Oct. 14 at 11 am CT and run for a full 24 hours. During this time period, players may change their vote however much they desire before the 24 hours are up. As has been the case with past events, the results of the mob vote will be revealed at some point later on in the Minecraft Live event.

The Minecraft Live 2022 event will feature a variety of news, updates, and sneak peeks at the expansive future of the Minecraft universe. Minecraft Live 2022 will include these types of content for the titular Minecraft as well as both Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends.