What are Marvel Snap ‘Big Bad’ cards and what does it mean?

These super villains will never leave their posts in the highest rarity of Marvel Snap cards.

Galactus appearing as a large figure in a Marvel Snap promotional image.
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The next Marvel Snap update promises the game’s first round of Series Drop and also announces who the “Big Bads” are, those that Second Dinner has no plans to leave the rarest card tier.

Each Marvel Snap hero and villain is in a group of cards of a certain rarity. The largest group is series three, which collects cards that can only be unlocked after collection level 486 at a rate of less than 25 percent. The rarest cards are series five ones with less than a one percent chance of dropping from Collector’s Reserve. Series five is also where the Big Bads reside.

What are the Big Bads in Marvel Snap?

The Big Bads are “Our favorite 6-Cost supervillains, Thanos and Galactus. They’re just too dang epic,” in the words of Second Dinner.

In practice, they are a unique group of cards belonging to series five that Second Dinner doesn’t have plans to reduce their rarities to series four or even series three.

The Galactus archetype was quickly assembled by players and proved to be successful in many matches. In contrast, it was only recently that Thanos began to dominate a portion of the Marvel Snap meta. As for Kang, the latest addition to the game, his full impact has yet to be measured.

How to get the Big Bads in Marvel Snap

Players will likely always only have a 0.25 percent chance of getting one from a Collector’s Cache or Reserve, as well as their Token Shop prices may never be lower than 6000 Collector’s Tokens.

The best chance to secure one of the Big Bads is to pin it when it appears in the Token Shop. Although it may take several days before a series five card appears, the odds are still more consistent than dropping it from Collector’s Reserve.

Who are the Big Bads in Marvel Snap?

Thanos, Galactus, and Kang are the only Big Bads available in Marvel Snap so far, however, since Kang himself was a recent addition, it’s possible new cards will also be considered Big Bads in the future.

Kang’s inclusion in the Big Bad tier of Marvel Snap is likely due to his upcoming portrayal as the next major villain in Marvel’s big-screen movies, taking over the position previously held by Thanos.

The addition of Kang to the Big Bads shows the criteria do not include the cost of the card. Instead being a supervillain with epic powers is important. 

Despite Knull fulfilling all the seemingly necessary requirements, Second Dinner has already caused his rarity to decrease for Series Four, effectively ending his chances of ever joining the Big Bads in the Marvel Snap roster.


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