Ultimate Marvel Snap Token Shop Guide | Tokens, shop rotation, how to pin cards & more

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The Days of Future Past March Season is renewing the way The Token Shop works in Marvel Snap. Players who have not yet purchased all the Series Three cards will receive more Collector’s Tokens and have new ways to receive cards from Series Three.

Second Dinner has announced the details of the change in an official blog post along with all Mar. 21 patch changes.

What is the Token Shop in Marvel Snap?

The Token Shop is a section of the shop tab that features cards or variants you don’t own. There are two different sections that refresh every 8 hours.

Series Four and Five cards, as well as Ultimate Variants appear in the first section and can be purchased by the player using Collector’s Token at prices that vary according to the rarity of the offered item.

Series Three cards appear in the lower section, and players can claim them for free once a season. After the player chooses his card from that season, this section cannot be used again until the beginning of the following season.

When the player sees a card, it will not appear again until all the other cards of the same series have appeared. The player can pin a card so it remains there until it is acquired or unpinned. 

The Token Shop was not meant to be the main way to acquire cards, but rather a way to search for key cards to improve the performance of players’ decks.

How to pin a card in the Token Shop in Marvel Snap?

The process for pinning a card to the Token Shop is simple, and players will want to use this function whenever the desired card appears in the shop, but they don’t have the amount of Collector’s Token needed to acquire it.

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Next to the highlighted card, a counter should appear with the remaining time, and for a new card replace the one that is present, and immediately below that count, there is a pin icon. Just press it for the card to be pinned.

A card that has been pinned will remain in the Token Shop until the player buys it with the required amount of Collector’s Token or unpin it. While a card is pinned, new cards cannot appear in the Token Shop.

How many Collector’s Tokens are needed for cards in the Token Shop?

The value of each card depends on the pool it is in and its rarity. Over time, cards will move from Series Five to Series Four, and other cards will move from Series Four to Series Three. These changes will reflect the values of each card in the Token Shop, allowing players who wait to save Collector’s Tokens.

The distribution of amounts planned for the launch of the Token Shop follows this table.

CardCollector’s Token
Series Three CardOne free card per season
Series Four Card3,000 Tokens
Ultimate Variants5,000 Tokens
Series Five Card6,000 Tokens


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