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Loki in Marvel Rivals.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Marvel Rivals: Strategist hero tier list (Closed alpha test, May 2024)

The backbone of any team of heroes.

In Marvel Rivals, the support class of heroes is made up of the Strategists. And while they see less action and typically produce fewer kills than a tank or DPS, their job is so important.

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Currently there are just four total Strategists in Marvel Rivals, making it the least populous of the three classes. We’ve sorted these four into a tier list based on how useful and powerful each of their abilities are and how valuable they are as support characters.

This list is subject to change after updates and new heroes enter the game, but for now, here’s our tier list for Strategist heroes in Marvel Rivals.

Marvel Rivals: Strategist hero tier list

Marvel Rivals: Strategist hero tier list

While hero selection always comes down to personal preference at the end of the day, this is how we view the current tiers of Strategist heroes in Marvel Rivals.

S Tier – Loki

Loki MVP screen in Marvel Rivals.
Long may he reign. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

Loki is by far the most popular, useful, and fun-to-use Strategist in Marvel Rivals right now.

His Illusions are so easily the most powerful part of this ability kit. By using Deception and Doppelganger, he can have up two separate Illusions on the battlefield at once, each firing at Loki’s target and providing him with a teleport anchor. While the Illusions fire away, Loki can get close to his allies and use Regeneration Domain to convert damage taken to healing, which is a huge buff.

Finally, if he uses his God of Mischief ultimate to mimic an ally or enemy while they have an active or charged ultimate, he gets that ultimate as well. And on top of all this, the hit box on his primary fire is very generous when you’re dealing damage or providing heals. He’s the best.

A Tier – Luna Frost

Luna Frost MVP screen in Marvel Rivals.
Support superstar. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

In terms of pure healing, Luna Frost is the best Strategist right now in Marvel Rivals. Like Loki, the hitbox on her primary attack and heal ability is generous, but her other abilities are the difference maker when it comes to healing. The Share the Stage buff lets you attach an aura to an ally, and healing other allies heals them, too, which is perfect for an ultra-mobile teammate like Spider-man or a teammate who likes to play flank.

Her Fate of Both Worlds ultimate is a massive momentum shifter in hectic team fights, granting healing or a damage boost to all nearby allies.

B Tier – Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon in Marvel Rivals.
Best teammate in the galaxy. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Rocket Raccoon is more of a DPS/support hybrid and almost always has to be paired with another Strategist in order for the team to have some proper healing support.

The support that Rocket provides is more combat-oriented, providing armor and a respawn opportunity with his recon, teaming up with both Groot and Punisher and giving the whole squad a massive boost to damage with his ultimate. He’s a popular choice, but his somewhat lackluster healing right-click means he’s not the best choice.

C Tier – Mantis

Mantis MVP screen in Marvel Rivals.
She knows what you’re thinking. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

The biggest drawback to Mantis as a Strategist is that they’re the only one in the class that can’t use left or right-click to fire heals at a teammate, as they’re completely reliant on their maximum five Life Orbs.

For those just starting out looking for a really easy healer, Mantis is a good choice because it’s impossible to miss with their heals. But given how generous the hitboxes are for both Luna Frost and Loki, it’s not hard to hit with them either, and they’re just overall more useful heroes.

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