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Best Ravonna Renslayer decks in Marvel Snap (February 2024)

It's time for Ravonna to come home in Marvel Snap.

September 2023’s Marvel Snap season “Loki for All Time” revolves around the god of mischief’s adventures with the Time Variance Authority. Here, a handful of characters involved in his journey are being introduced as Marvel Snap cards, including Ravonna Renslayer.

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Ravonna Renslayer is a variant of Rebecca Tourminet, who was captured by He Who Remains—a variant of Kang, who is one of the most infamous and dangerous villains in the Marvel universe. In Marvel Snap, Ravonna Renslayer is a powerful card that can help you set up some of the most explosive plays possible.

Here are the best Ravonna Renslayer decks in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Ravonna Renslayer abilities, explained

Ravonna Renslayer is a two-Cost, three-Power card with an ability that reads: “Ongoing: Your cards with one or less Power cost one less (minimum one).” In theory, she can only help cards with one or zero Power, most of which are early-game, cheap-cost units. But, there are certain other cards with low Power that benefit heavily from Ravonna Renslayer, especially those with no Power but game-changing effects.

You can get Ravonna Renslayer as a series four card, meaning you have to spend 3,000 Tokens to get her once she becomes available in the daily rotation of the Token Shop.

Strategy and best combos for Ravonna Renslayer decks in Marvel Snap

Ravonna Renslayer has a general effect that works well with Marvel Snap cards that have one or less Power. Having said that, certain low-power cards quickly impact the game and are best supported by Ravonna Renslayer.

These cards include Mystique, Darkhawk, Iron Man, and Arnim Zola. They all have effects that are beneficial to building up Power at your locations and can be used in almost any deck, as well as for surprising your opponent with unpredictable plays.

Also, Ravonna Renslayer helps you lower the cost of the Goblin duo, namely Green Goblin and Hobgoblin, as well as The Hood. All these cards have negative Power and are meant to be placed on your opponent’s side. Ravonna Renslayer makes them easier to play, since their Power is less than one.

The best Ravonna Renslayer decks in Marvel Snap

Iron Hawk Renslayer

Marvel Snap Iron Hawk Renslayer deck
From zero to hero. Screenshot via Untapped.gg

An ideal deck for Ravonna Renslayer includes zero-Power cards like Iron Man and Darkhawk. Both can be offensive powerhouses with Ongoing abilities, and Ravonna Renslayer can help you create huge Power at your locations.

Darkhawk gains plus two Power for each card in your opponent’s deck. This is why including its best pals, Korg and Rock Slide, is a must to add unnecessary Rocks to your opponent’s deck, which can increase the Power of Darkhawk in the process. Black Widow, on the other hand, adds Widow’s Bite to your opponent’s hand, which stops them drawing cards as long as it’s there.

Iron Man doubles the current Power of the location where it’s placed. Mystique can copy the Ongoing effect of either Darkhawk or Iron Man, while Ms. Marvel grants added Power to its adjacent locations as long as there are at least two cards at those locations with unique costs. Moon Girl duplicates the cards in your hand, making it possible to play another Darkhawk or Iron Man.

Cap off the deck with Zabu, which lowers the cost of your four-Cost cards, and Iron Lad, which is a four-Cost, six-Power card that copies the text of the top card of your deck while retaining its stat line.

Junk Galactus

Marvel Snap Junk Galactus deck
The devourer of worlds is here. Screenshot via Untapped.gg

Ravonna Renslayer also excels in a Junk Galactus strategy that focuses on triggering the devourer of worlds’ location-destroying ability by adding unnecessary cards to your opponent’s side of locations.

Green Goblin and Hobgoblin help you activate Galactus’ effect. This is also the case for Sentry, since it can create a negative-10-Power Void at the right location, and has a four-cost, 10-Power stat line. The Hood is also another great negative Power target that can be transferred to the opponent’s side of a location.

Annihilus is the key card to transfer or get rid of of your unnecessary cards. Selene gives more negative Power to the card in your hand with the lowest Power. Black Widow is there as an added Junk essential, while the literally unstoppable Jeff the Baby Land Shark is there to possibly win unplayable locations.

Finish the deck with Electro, which can give you bonus max energy per turn in exchange for restricting you to only playing one card per turn, and Alioth, which destroys all of your opponent’s unrevealed cards at the same location where you play it.

How to counter Ravonna Renslayer decks

Ravonna Renslayer has an Ongoing ability, so cards that can counter it are the main threats. This includes Enchantress, who can remove the Ongoing abilities of cards at the same location (on both sides, both for you and your opponent), Echo, who removes the Ongoing abilities of cards at the same location, and Rogue, who can steal an Ongoing ability from her opponent’s side and use it.

Mobius M. Mobius is also a great counter for Ravonna Renslayer. His ability to prevent Renslayer’s effect of reducing the Cost of cards is very useful to make Ravonna Renslayer decks weaker, especially if you don’t have counter cards that can remove Mobius M. Mobius’ Ongoing ability.

Ravonna Renslayer decks’ current state in the Marvel Snap meta

With Ravonna Renslayer being a tech card, she may not be a win condition on her own. The decks that use her generally aren’t considered top contenders in the current meta, but still facilitate fun and creative strategies when you use them to climb the ranked ladder.

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