Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.4: Full notes and updates

Big changes have arrived.

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Big changes are coming to the Legends of Runeterra meta via Patch 3.4 after a month-long-plus run that showcased an abundance of Yordles and Bandle City shenanigans.  

The last LoR patch that went live with balance changes was 3.2 on Feb. 16, introducing the A Curious Journey expansion. Huge shifts occurred in the meta initially but players have been anxiously awaiting a new balance patch for several weeks now. Containing over 30 nerfs and buffs, LoR Patch 3.4 should revive the meta while also adding three new spells and a variety of Infernal skins. 

From Gnar and Pantheon nerfs to a Moon Weapons buff and three new spells within the Piltover and Zaun, Targon, and Shurima regions, here are the LoR Patch 3.4 notes.  

UX updates

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The LoR team is adding UX updates that are called Premonitions to improve overall gameplay. Patch 3.4 contains two new Premonitions with more scheduled to take place in future patches. These UX updates provide additional visual cues when a Nexus or unit are facing lethal damage. 

  • Nexus Health Previsualization: The Nexus Health Previsualization lets players see the exact amount of damage being dealt to the LoR Nexus before it is too late, indicating any damage that is lethal.
  • Unit Destruction Previsualization: Units will now display visual cracks when facing lethal damage during combat or spell interactions.  

Champion nerfs and buffs

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A total of seven LoR champions are getting hit with balance changes. Gnar is getting a much-expected nerf to his base stats at levels one and two, along with Pantheon and Pyke. Level-up changes were applied to Azir and Rumble, Viktor got a buff, and Aphelios builds were improved via a Moon Weapons buff. 

  • Aphelios: No direct changes are getting applied to Aphelios but leveling him up won’t be as difficult with the cost of Moon Weapons getting reduced by one
  • Azir (level one): Azir will now level up when you’ve summoned 13-plus units or Landmarks
  • Gnar (level one): Gnar’s base stats were nerfed from 4/3 to 3/3
  • Gnar (level two): Gnar’s base stats were nerfed from 5/4 to 4/4
  • Pantheon (level one): Pantheon’s base stats were nerfed from 4/2 to 3/2
  • Pantheon (level two): Pantheon’s base stats were nerfed from 5/3 to 4/3
  • Pyke (level one): Pyke’s base stats were nerfed from 2/3 to 1/3 
  • Pyke (level two): Pykes’s base stats were nerfed from 3/4 to 2/4
  • Rumble (level one): Rumble now levels up when “I see allied Mecha-Yordles deal 12-plus damage.”
  • Viktor (level one): Hexcore Upgrade token cost reduced from one to zero

Follower nerfs and buffs

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A total of 15 LoR followers are slated for nerfs and buffs. Twisted Catalyzer is getting a base stat nerf, along with Conchologist. Loping Telescope has received a cost increase in conjunction with a base stat buff and She Who Wonders is getting a text change. 

  • Lil Dipper: Base stats increased from 5/3 to 6/3
  • Dunehopper Mech: Base stats buffed from 5/6 to 6/6
  • Trumpetecher: Base stats increased from 4/5 to 5/5
  • Salty Spinner: Base stats buffed from 0/4 to 0/5
  • Furyhorn Crasher: Base stats increased from 3/2 to 3/3
  • Xer’Sai Dunebreaker: Base stats reduced from 3/6 to 3/5 
  • Twisted Catalyzer: Base stats nerfed from 3/2 to 2/2
  • Vanguard Sergeant: Base stats reduced from 3/4 to 3/3
  • Conchologist: Base stats reduced from 2/2 to 2/1
  • Loping Telescope: Cost increased from two to three
  • Loping Telescope: Base stats buffed from 2/1 to 2/2
  • She Who Wanders: Text changed from “Obliterate all followers” to “Obliterate all units with four or less power in play and in hands.
  • Sheriff Lariette Rose: Base stats buffed from 6/5 to 7/6
  • King Jarvan III: Base stats buffed from 3/6 to ⅚
  • Sacred Protector: Text changed from “When I’m summoned, draw a Shen” to “Play—Give an ally Barrier and draw a Shen. Allies with Barrier have Double Attack.”
  • Camphor, the Doubt: Base stats buffed from 5/4 to 6/5 
  • Camphor, the Doubt: Text changed from “if you’ve targeted allies six-plus times” to “When I’m summoned, if you’ve targeted allies in four-plus rounds this game, grant me Spellshield, Overwhelm, and Challenger.”

Spell nerfs and buffs

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A total of 12 LoR spells are getting hit with nerfs and buffs. Twin Disciplines finally received a slight nerf and Sharpsight was changed from +2/+2 to +1/+2. 

  • Gifts from Beyond: Cost increased from one to two
  • Moon Weapons: All Moon Weapons costs were reduced from three to two
  • Crescendum: Text changed from “Summon a two-cost follower from your deck. If it has Nightfall, activate it” to “Summon a two-cost follower from your regions.”
  • Paddle Star: Text changed from “deal four” to “deal five to an enemy that attacked this round or is stunned.”
  • Quicksand: Text changed from “Give an enemy -4/-0 and disable its keywords (excluding any negative keywords) this round” to “Give an enemy -4/-0 or two enemies -2/-0. Disable their positive keywords this round.”
  • Sharpsight: Text changed from “Give an ally +2/+2 and I can block units with Elusive this round” to “Give an ally +1/+2 and I can block units with Elusive this round.”
  • Twin Disciplines: Text changed from “Give an ally +3/+0 or +0/+3 this round” to “Give an ally +2/+0 or +0/+3 this round. 
  • Tattered Banner: The effect is no longer consumed by units that already have Challenger, preventing Valor from stealing Quinn’s banner.
  • Sigil of Malice: Cost reduced from four to three.
  • Calculated Creations: Text changed to grant +1/+1 to either an Armed Gearhead, Ballistic Bot, or Nyandroid that is created in hand. 
  • Flashbomb Trap: All cards that plant Falshbomb Traps will go in the top eight cards of an opponent’s deck now instead of the top 10 cards. 
  • Careful Preparation: Cost reduced from three to two.

Skins and bundles

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Infernal skins are getting added to LoR via Patch 3.4 for Shen, Kennen, Pantheon, Galio, and Swain. A new Magma Chamber board is getting added, too. Three new Infernal Guardians—Poro, Gloomtooth, and Silverwing—will be available in the store as well. And a ritual of flames card back is getting added. All skins, Guardians, boards, and bundle information can be found here. 

Bug fixes

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  • Yummi’s description for her level two ability has been updated. No functional changes are taking place, but the text won’t imply that she gains +2/+2 on level-up instead of her intended +1/+1 increasing her base stats. 
  • Issues resulting in crashes related to reconnecting, tutorials, and spell swapping have been resolved
  • Pantheon can now complete the Call of Destiny and Cuddle Buddies challenges
  • Various text descriptions were updated
  • Several UI and UX bugs were resolved
  • Dates for the A Curious Journey Seasonal have been corrected. The dates are May 14 for the open rounds and May 21 for the playoffs. 
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