Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.7: Full notes and updates

Collect Spirit Blossom personalizations and play in a new Lab and Gauntlet format.

Spirit Blossom LoR Corrina
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No balance changes were made in Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.7. But exciting additions such as a new Lab, tri-region Gauntlet, and Spirit Blossom cosmetics are on the way. 

The LoR team is taking a break in early August, meaning the next few patches will have a different schedule than normal. Patch 1.8, originally slated for Aug. 19, will now take place on Aug. 26. The team is skipping Patch 1.9 and the next major balance patch will occur on Sept. 16, meaning the new expansion promised to drop in August will likely take place on Aug. 26. 

The Spirit Blossom event continues through Patch 1.7, adding two new Epic Quests for players seeking to reap the maximum petals required for rewards. From a new lab featuring Heimerdinger to a load of Spirit Blossom personalization goodies, here’s everything dropping in LoR Patch 1.7. 

Quick Draw Lab

Lab gameplay in LoR has proven to be fun and exciting, providing alternative formats to play the digital card game. Quick Draw will expand upon this, featuring a Heimerdinger inspired playstyle. Players will draw five Fleeting cards each round at “heavily discounted mana costs,” according to the LoR team. Each round offers only three mana to cast these Fleeting cards and every other round provides a Prolong, a special card that allows players to remove Fleeting from one card in hand. 

Tri-region Singleton Gauntlet

In addition to a new lab, Gauntlet will offer Singleton again but with the option to craft via tri-region. Outside of Expedition Mode, this is the only way players can craft decks using three regions. 

UI deckbuilder improvements 

Due to the number of decks being crafted for Singleton and Constructed gameplay, players can now filter those decks in the deckbuilder.

  • Choose to view all decks, Standard, or just Constructed. 

Players can also finally select specific deck art for each deck.

  • Click the edit button at the top left to adjust deckbox art and select deckbuilding rules.
  • Any unit card can be dragged to assign it as deckbox art. 

Spirit Blossom personalizations

As the Spirit Blossom event continues in LoR, several new card backs, a gameboard, guardian, and a new bundle are available in the store. 


Image via Riot Games

Nightshade Shrine is an Epic gameboard showcasing the darker side of the Spirit Blossom world. Players can interact more on it by clicking elements on the board while also getting unique reactions to their gameplay. The Nightshade Shrine is priced at 1,290 coins. 


Image via Riot Games

Dragonling from the Ionian rivers joins the other guardians in LoR. There’s also a Nightshade Dragonling. Both can be purchased via the Dragonling Bundle for 975 coins in the store. 

Card backs

Image via Riot Games

Three new Spirit Blossom card backs are also now in the store that feature Teemo, Yone paired with Yasuo, along with Corina. 


Image via Riot Games

A new emote has been added as an Epic Quest reward in the Spirit Blossom event that features Yone winking. 

Expedition adjustments

Only a handful of Expedition archetypes are receiving adjustments in Patch 1.7. Changes should boost “underperforming Ionian archetypes,” according to the LoR team.


  • Once Fishbones is chosen during pick one, players will see a Bilgewater option and a Piltover & Zaun option for pick two. Players will no longer get forced into a tri-region build. 


  • Twin Disciplines added and Shadowshift was removed. 

Shadows and Dust

  • Navori Conspirator and Ren Shadowblade were added while Shadow Fiend was removed. 

Spell Slingers

  • Ye Been Warned and Retreat were removed. 

Total Recall

  • Yusari and Greenglade Duo were added and Plaza Guardian was removed. 

iOS minimum specification increase

Patch 1.8 will raise the LoR iOS specification minimum requirement to iOS 13. One GB iOS devices, such as the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPad Air one, aren’t supported by iOS 13. 

Other LoR news

Players now have two additional Epic Quests in the Spirit Blossom event to complete to cash in on petals before the event is over. And Expeditions will refresh on Thursday from now on. Other miscellaneous changes included a hotfix to the Certain Death decklist that was updated last week, sped up discard-from-hand animations, and a rules widget added to Labs. 


  • Replacing a unit at the start of a round with a full hand should no longer cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with Back Alley Barkeep creating random “create” copy cards.
  • Fixed VFX Insight of Ages issue that produced pink sparkles.
  • Fixed Sejuani level two issue that caused units to overlap when summoned at the same time her ability triggers. 
  • The Zed level two icon tray was adjusted. 

LoR Patch 1.7 will go live on Aug. 5. 


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