Every Expedition change coming with Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.7

Slight buffs to Ionia are found in this smaller patch.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s limited format, Expedition Mode, is getting another set of changes with Patch 1.7’s upcoming release. 

In usual LoR fashion, Riot Games has announced more adjustments to its drafting mode. While more recent patches have either looked toward changing drafting bonuses or nerfing overperforming archetypes, this one looks to give buffs to underperforming regions. Riot said in the patch notes that it wants to improve Ionia, which has been underperforming. This is being achieved by removing situational or generally useless cards, like Shadowshift and Shadow Fiend, from their buckets.

Aside from the slight buff to Ionia, there are also minor changes to the Fishbones bucket (Bilgewater + PIltover & Zaun), which makes the following pick more consistent if chosen first. This will allow players to more consistently find cards within their region. They’re no longer forced to tri-region draft when first picking Fishbones.

Here are all of the changes coming to Expedition Mode in Patch 1.7:


  • After choosing Fishbones in pick one, you’ll now see both a Bilgewater option and a Piltover & Zaun option for pick two and will no longer be forced into a tri-region deck.


  • Added: Twin Disciplines
  • Removed: Shadowshift

Shadows and Dust

  • Added: Navori Conspirator, Ren Shadowblade
  • Removed: Shadow Fiend

Spell Slingers

  • Removed: Retreat, Ye Been Warned

Total Recall

  • Added: Greenglade Duo, Yusari
  • Removed: Plaza Guardian

All of these changes are coming to Expedition Mode with LoR Patch 1.7, which drops tomorrow, Aug. 5.