Spirit Blossom boards and card backs go next level in LoR Patch 1.7

Collect them all before they’re gone.

NightShade Shrine Spirit Blossom LoR Board
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed several Spirit Blossom personalizations that are getting added to Legends of Runeterra as the event comes to a close.

Only 14 days remain until the Spirit Blossom event wraps up in LoR. But Riot has added several new personalization options, like another gameboard, two new guardians, card backs, and an emote, to the game. In conjunction with the peaceful and zenlike Spirit Blossom gameboard, players can take a trip down the dark side with the new NightShade Shrine and Nightshade Dragonling guardian. 

Three new card backs featuring Teemo, Yone paired with Yasuo, and Corina are also getting added to the LoR store.  

Nightshade Shrine

Image via Riot Games

Nightshade Shrine is an Epic gameboard that allows for interacting elements on the board and unique gameplay reactions. The Nightshade Shrine is priced at 1,290 coins. 

Dragonling and Nightshade Dragonling

Image via Riot Games

Dragonling hails from the Ionian region. There’s also a Nightshade Dragonling who prefers a more dangerous lifestyle. Players can purchase both Dragonlings via the Dragonling Bundle for 975 coins in the store. Individual guardians cost 590 coins.

Spirit Blossom card backs

Image via Riot Games

Three new Spirit Blossom card backs are also now in the store that feature Teemo, Yone paired with Yasuo, and Corina. Card backs are priced at 490 coins apiece. 


Image via Riot Games

Two new Epic Quests were added to the Spirit Blossom festival in LoR Patch 1.7. One of those quests features a new Yone emote with him “winking.”

LoR Patch 1.7 will go live on Aug. 5.