Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.6: Full notes and updates

Huge meta changes, sweet rewards, and new store items spice up gameplay.

Legends of Runeterra Eager Apprentice
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Patch 1.6 in Legends of Runeterra is packed full of major balance changes, along with new cosmetics, the Spirit Blossom event, a pre-constructed deck bundle, and more. 

The release of a new expansion, including another region and numerous cards, is just around the corner. Prior to its arrival, however, the LoR team has packed Patch 1.6 full of balance changes to Constructed and Expeditions while also introducing the digital card game’s first event. 

Spirit Blossom Festival

Image via Riot Games

The Spirit Blossom Festival will run from July 22 to Aug. 19 in LoR, featuring a new lab, cosmetics, an event pass, rewards, and quests. A full rundown of everything contained within the Spirit Blossom Festival can be found here

Balance changes

A number of major changes were made in LoR Patch 1.6, reverting some previous adjustments to champions like Braum while nerfing overpowering cards such as Heimerdinger’s Turrets and Shadow Assassin. A full breakdown of every nerf and buff in Patch 1.6 can be found here


  • Three-mana spells now create Mk3: Apex Turret, a 3/1 Fearsome (previously the four-mana turret keyword)
  • Four-mana spells now create Mk4: Stormlobber, a 4/1 Turret with Overwhelm (previously the six-mana turret keyword)
  • Six-mana spells now create Mk6: Floor-B-Gone, a 6/1 Elusive (previously the 3-mana turret keyword)


  • Braum Level one power reduced from one to zero
  • Braum Level two power reduced from two to one


  • Health reduced from two to one.

Shadow Assassin

  • Power reduced from two to one

Crimson Disciple

  • When I survive damage, deal one to the enemy Nexus.

Legion Grenadier

  • Health increased from one to two
  • Last Breath adjusted to deal one to the enemy Nexus instead of two

Arena Bookie

  • Power reduced from five to four

Sump Dredger

  • Cost increased from two to three
  • New text:  To play me, discard one and draw one

Zaunite Urchin

  • New text:  To play me, discard one and draw one


  • Health increased from one to two.

Hunting Fleet

  • Cost reduced from five to four
  • Power reduced from seven to six
  • Health reduced from seven to six

Golden Narwhal

  • Cost reduced from three to two
  • Health reduced from four to three

Will of Ionia

  • Cost increased from four to five

Relentless Pursuit and Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit

  • Speed reduced from Fast to Slow

Flash of Brilliance

  • Cost increased from three to four.

Steel Tempest and Yasuo’s Steel Tempest

  • Cost reduced from three to two.

Personalization and bundles

In addition to all the rewards offered via the Spirit Blossom Festival, there’s a new game board as well in the LoR store. Festival Shrine is the first Epic-tier game board that fully immerses players into the Spirit Blossom world. The cost of the Festival Shrine is 1,290 coins.

Image via Riot Games

Another new item that’s being added to the LoR store for the first time is a pre-constructed deck bundle. Relentless Raiders is a ready-to-play Midrange Plunder deck that includes champions Gangplank and Sejuani. The cost of Relentless Raiders is 1,962 coins in the store. 

Expedition balance changes

Fewer adjustments were made to the Expedition mode in Patch 1.6 than previous balance patches, focusing mostly on reducing the Freljord region’s overall power levels. A full breakdown of all Expedition changes can be found here

Bug fixes

  • Swain now gains level-up progress from Final Spark Overwhelm damage
  • Teemo (both levels) and Swain (level two) will now trigger their Nexus Strike ability when damaging the nexus through effects like Dragon’s Rage
  • The Support buff from Stirred Spirits no longer expires at the end of the round if the supported unit manages to live
  • Fixed an issue where the deckbuilder could become unresponsive after collecting Loot
  • Fixed an issue where Gauntlet decks could be incorrectly identified as invalid
  • Fixed an issue where units summoned when discarded would momentarily appear in hand before being summoned
  • Fixed an issue where Ezreal would sometimes gain level-up progress when a target was removed before a spell resolved
  • Fixed an issue where Gangplank’s (level two) attack trigger would sometimes not deal enhanced damage from Powder Kegs to all enemies.
  • Updated icons on Fizz and Vladimir to better match their functionality
  • The ability icon for Thresh’s (level two) once-per-game ability will now disappear once he’s used it