Legends of Runeterra Spirit Blossom Event details revealed

How to participate, the cost of the event pass, what’s included in it, and what you can expect.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games announced all the details surrounding Legends of Runeterra’s first event, Spirit Blossom, today. 

Spanning over the next two patches, 1.6 and 1.7, the Spirit Blossom event has a progression system using Petals as a benchmark players need to achieve to gain to claim their rewards. Players can participate in the event and earn Petals by claiming daily wins, completing epic quests, and simply playing games. There are two epic quests that players can complete when Spirit Blossom begins tomorrow July 22 at 12pm CT and then two more after Patch 1.7 officially arrives two weeks later.

Image via Riot Games

For 975 coins, players can participate in the premium version of the Spirit Blossom event pass. Of all the unique cosmetics that Spirit Blossom is bringing to the table, the event pass has six guardians, five emotes, four card backs, and two icons that players can obtain with enough play. 

Players that do not own the event pass can claim two free emotes, a free icon, and a free card back with enough play. There are also currency rewards that both premium and free-to-play players can also get, which further assist in overall collection completion.

Here are the exact breakpoints for each award in the Spirit Blossom event:

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games.

In conjunction with the event, LoR’s next Lab will be Spirit Blossom themed and has players experience a new form of gameplay where the Nexus health is increased by 10 to 30, and units transfer their stats to another random unit in your hand after being slain. Additionally, players choose from six pre-constructed decks, which allows players with smaller collections to participate in this casual Lab mode without worrying too much about having key cards.

While the themes and varying modes that future events bring will always be different than the nature of Spirit Blossom, Riot noted that this is still their first event. Due to this, the development team stated that it is still looking for any feedback and is open to looking at any potential shortcomings that the current reward path may fall into. 

LoR’s first event, Spirit Blossom, begins tomorrow, July 22 at 12pm CT and ends on Aug. 19 at 12pm CT.