Every Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.6 nerf and buff

There are some big changes heading into a new expansion release in August.

Legends of Runeterra Shadow Assassin
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Patch 1.6 in Legends of Runeterra is gearing up to be a huge update, featuring a number of major changes to regional champions along with units and spells. 

It’s been a month since the LoR 1.4 balance patch, where champions like Braum and Anivia were buffed to improve the Freljord region. But some of those major changes warped the meta, proving to be a tad too powerful. Patch 1.6 tones down regions like Ionia and Noxus while tweaking cards that have dominated the meta since the official launch of LoR to create “a wider range of consistently viable archetypes,” according to live design lead Rubin Zoo.

LoR Champions

Heimerdinger has finally been nerfed, reworking the turrets he produces upon casting three, four, and six mana spells. Braum and Anivia were also nerfed, pulling back their power just a bit. 


Elusive Turrets have been pushed to six mana spells, previously at three mana. 

  • Three-mana spells now create Mk3: Apex Turret, a 3/1 Fearsome (previously the four-mana turret keyword)
  • Four-mana spells now create Mk4: Stormlobber, a 4/1 Turret with Overwhelm (previously the six-mana turret keyword)
  • Six-mana spells now create Mk6: Floor-B-Gone, a 6/1 Elusive (previously the 3-mana turret keyword)


Braum was given a power of one that increased to two with a Level Up via LoR patch 1.4. But his power pushed the Freljord champion too much, leading to a meta flooding with the mustache wonder. 

“Braum’s one power baseline led to certain very sharp matchups while providing strong all-around value, so we’re moving his base power back to 0 (and reducing it at level 2) to make him less capable of immediately seizing control of games,” the LoR team said. 

  • Braum Level one power reduced from one to zero
  • Braum Level two power reduced from two to one


Thanks to a cost reduction in Patch 1.4, Anivia became playable once again. But she wasn’t fragile enough according to the LoR team. 

  • Health reduced from two to one

LoR Units

The Noxus region was tweaked in the LoR Patch 1.6, nerfing Crimson Disciple, Basilisk Rider, and Legion Grenadier. Also nerfed was the Elusive Shadow Assassin. Buffs were applied as well to units like Arena Bookie, Rivershaper, and Golden Narwhal. 

Shadow Assassin

The Elusive Shadow Assassin was one of the most-played Ionia cards in LoR due to providing card draw and being able to hit with a power of two. Shadow Assassin now has a power of one, reducing some of her overall value. 

  • Power reduced from two to one

Crimson Disciple

Another auto-include was Crimson Disciple in Burn decks, able to deal two damage to an enemy Nexus when dealt damage while surviving. Her nerf now reduces that damage to one. 

  • When I survive damage, deal one to the enemy Nexus. 

Legion Grenadier

  • Health increased from one to two
  • Last Breath adjusted to deal one to the enemy Nexus instead of two

Arena Bookie

  • Power reduced from five to four

Sump Dredger

  • Cost increased from two to three
  • New text: To play me, discard one and draw one

Zaunite Urchin

  • New text:  To play me, discard one and draw one


Unlike other Ionia synergy cards, Rivershaper was a tad too fragile, getting a buff in LoR Patch 1.6.

  • Health increased from one to two.

Hunting Fleet

  • Cost reduced from five to four
  • Power reduced from seven to six
  • Health reduced from seven to six

Golden Narwhal

  • Cost reduced from three to two
  • Health reduced from four to three

LoR Spells 

Several major changes in spells are getting applied in LoR Patch 1.6, including a nerf to Relentless Pursuit and Will of Ionia. 

Will of Ionia

One of the most powerful spells in the Ionia region, Will of Ionia was nerfed by increasing its cost by one. At a cost of five now, it should open the door for those playing against Ionia decks to strategically make more plays than before. 

  • Cost increased from four to five

Relentless Pursuit and Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit

Intended from the start to be a Slow speed spell as opposed to Fast, Relentless Pursuit was adjusted by the LoR team.

  • Speed reduced from Fast to Slow

Flash of Brilliance

Often played with Heimerdinger builds, Flash of Brilliance was adjusted to reduce its overall value outside of its text. 

  • Cost increased from three to four

Steel Tempest and Yasuo’s Steel Tempest

Due to several Ionia nerfs, Steel Tempest was buffed in response. 

  • Cost reduced from three to two.

All LoR Patch 1.6 balance changes will go into effect on July 23.