Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.11: Full notes and updates

More balance changes, along with new personalizations and a Lab.

Image via Riot Games

The second Call of the Mountain patch in Legends of Runeterra contains another round of balance changes, a leaderboard within the digital card game, a single-player Lab, and new personalizations. 

A total of five weeks have passed since the launch of CoM in LoR. Balance changes made in Patch 1.10 have promoted Lee Sin and his band of Targon misfits to S-tier status in the meta. Patch 1.11 contains another round of balance changes meant to improve archetypes while decreasing the power levels of others—all while leaving Lee Sin well enough alone. 

The LoR update also includes a new single-player lab worth checking out and several personalizations that highlight CoM and the infamous League Minions. Thai players now have language support. And the Riot team has also made match history available via the Riot Games API, which may lead to match history-related features on various community websites. 

Here are the full notes and updates for Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.11.

Balance changes

Similar to Patch 1.10, the nerfs and buffs in Patch 1.11 are numerous. The only champion to take a hit was Aurelion Sol, while detrimental cards like Radiant Guardian and Jack the Winner were also nerfed. A few cards were buffed as well, like Pix and the spell Bastion. A full rundown of every LoR Patch 1.11 balance change can be found here

Aurelion Sol

  • Text was changed to “Round End: Your allies have 25-plus total power,” as opposed to the previous “20-plus power.”

Radiant Guardian

  • Power reduced from five to four.

Inspiring Mentor

  • Power increased from one to two.
  • Health decreased from two to one.


  • Health increased from one to two.

Jack the Winner

  • Health decreased from six to five

Petty Officer

  • Health decreased from two to one.

Grandfather Rumul

  • Adjusted to “Grant two allies +0/+4,” instead of a single ally. 

Mountain Goat

  • Health increased from one to two. 


  • Fleeting Hush created in hand costs one more after Silencing a unit that round. 
  • It was previously “Silence a unit this round. Create a Fleeting Hush in hand.”


  • Changed to “Grant an ally +1/+1 and Spellshield.
  • It was previously “Give an ally Spellshield this round.”

Cosmic Inspiration

  • Now only grants allies everywhere +2/+2 if you Behold a Celestial card.
  • The previous text said “If you Behold a Celestial card, grant allies everywhere +2/+2. Refill your spell mana.”


Patch 1.11 contains a new guardian, Astra. It also features a minion bundle that contains two minion guardians and an exclusive remote. The LoR team added another card back skin called Celestials, too. 

Astra guardian

Image via Riot Games

Astra is an adorable Targon insect that pollinates the night with her gentle personality and cuteness. Her hobby is Floriculture, according to the LoR team. 

Celestials card back

Image via Riot Games

The new Celestials card back skin features The Charger, The Joker, and The Serpent as “the majesty of the stars.”

Minion bundle

Image via Riot Games

A new bundle containing the existing Red Minion guardian, a new Blue Minion exclusive guardian, and a “You Jelly?” minion emote can be purchased in the LoR store for 975 coins.  

Journey to the Peak lab

Image via Riot Games

For the first time in LoR, players can embark on a single-player Lab via Journey to the Peak. Players will build their deck as they climb “Targon’s peak,” wielding abilities from either Leona or Diana. Upon completing the Lab journey, players are rewarded with a unique icon for the champion they climbed with. 

  • Choose either Leona or Diana. 
  • Select a unique passive power.
  • Face three battles against enemies who have their own special abilities.
  • Customize your deck by drafting reinforcements after each game. 


In an effort to create “the foundation of LoR’s social and competitive feature set,” two leaderboards are being added in Patch 1.11. 

  • Master leaderboard: Highlighting top-ranked players on the ladder.
  • Friends leaderboard: Lets you know where your friends are in the Ranked climb. 

Expedition balance changes

As previously mentioned in Patch 1.10, the offering bonus for CoM archetypes will no longer appear more than others with the 1.11 update. The team has “diluted two of the most highly consistent Targon archetypes,” while also “making it harder to splash Daybreak cards.” A full rundown of Expedition balance changes can be found here.

Otherworldly Creatures

  • Added: Feral Mystic, Fledgling Stellacorn, Porofly, and Tall Tales.

Radiant Dawn

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to medium from none.
  • Added: Blessing of Targon and Fledgling Stellacorn.
  • Removed: Hush.

Solar Winds

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to high from medium.
  • Added: Sunblessed Vigor and Whiteflame Protector.
  • Removed: Behold the Infinite and Moondreamer.

Bug fixes

Only a handful of fixes were applied in the LoR 1.11 update. 

  • Plunder Poro can now correctly receive Spellshield and Fury from its Plunder effect.
  • Scrapshot now correctly Tosses cards even if its target is removed.
  • Fixed an issue where Arbiter of the Peak would gain cost reduction from targeting units in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where volume sliders would not stay set at the correct level.
  • Fixed an issue where Expedition loadouts would not save.