Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.11 brings a new Lab, Journey to the Peak

The first single player Lab is here.

Image via Riot Games

As is tradition with every Legends of Runeterra patch, the Lab mode is getting an entirely new experiment for players to try in a casual and lower-stakes environment this week.

Patch 1.11’s newest Lab is Journey to the Peak. It’s the mode’s first single-player experiment experience.

Image via Riot Games

In this new experiment, players will battle their way to the top of Targon’s peak by either choosing a Leona or Diana based deck. As you defeat enemies and climb the mountain, you’ll be able to empower your deck with new passive powers and cards to add to your list. This is all in preparation for when you face off against increasingly difficult enemies. In total, there are three different enemies for either Diana or Leona to face off against.

If you can successfully complete your journey to the top, there will be a unique icon that will be awarded to you depending on the champion you use to reach the summit. Completing the journey with both champions will grant you the two icons.

Journey to the Peak releases when LoR Patch 1.11 drops tomorrow, Sept. 30.