Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.11 adds Masters Leaderboards

There's no need to guess what the standings are on third-party sites, it’s in the client now.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s upcoming Patch 1.11 is bringing a requested feature that was teased many months ago in Riot’s “What’s Next for Runeterra” video. Now, instead of needing to rely on a third-party site, LoR will have a ranked leaderboard for its players within the client.

The leaderboard will have two versions to look through, one for looking at the ranks of players in Masters Rank and another to look at the ranks of all of your friends. The Masters Leaderboard will allow players to see who the best players on their region shards are, as well as any players who have been surging upward on the ladder.

Image via Riot Games

The friends leaderboard will let you see the rank of you and your friends and how you can compare with one another in rank. This allows you to build healthy rivalries and competitions with any LoR community or friend group that you’re a part of.

These features expand on Riot’s initial promise to help make the game more sociable. With the inclusion of these leaderboards, the remaining features that have yet to be added from the original “What’s Next for Runeterra” video are Spectator Mode, Single Player Experiences, and Tournament Mode. In the leaderboard announcement, Spectator Mode was promised to come sooner, alongside player profiles to allow for customization.

You can find out who the best players on your friends list are or where you rank against other players if you’re in Masters when the leaderboards update reaches LoR in tomorrow’s Patch 1.11.