Every Expedition change coming with Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.11

The Targon offering bonus is officially gone.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s limited format, Expedition Mode, is getting another set of changes in Patch 1.11 tomorrow. 

As is the usual precedent with new expansion releases, there was an offering bonus that was added to Call of the Mountain’s newest cards that let players see the newer cards more often. After being slightly reduced in Patch 1.10, this bonus will be entirely removed with Patch 1.11’s release. Outside of altering Targon’s offering bonus, Invoke as a keyword will be changed and found in less Expedition archetypes.

These changes will be achieved by making the shopkeeper less likely to trade these cards to you, an update that’s happened rarely, if at all. This will make the meta trend toward a faster playstyle since high-value games will become less likely with Invokes becoming more scarce.

Here are all of the changes coming to Expedition in Patch 1.11:

Overall changes

  • Fully removed the offering bonus for Call of the Mountain archetypes (they’re no longer more likely to appear than others).
  • Reduced how often the shopkeeper will offer the common Invoke cards (Behold the Infinite, Moondreamer, and Starshaping) as trade options.

Otherworldly Creatures

  • Added: Feral Mystic, Fledgling Stellacorn, Porofly, Tall Tales

Radiant Dawn

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to Medium from None
  • Added: Blessing of Targon, Fledgling Stellacorn
  • Removed: Hush

Solar Winds

  • Cohesiveness Rating increased to High from Medium
  • Added: Sunblessed Vigor, Whiteflame Protector
  • Removed: Behold the Infinite, Moondreamer

You can practice these changes to the Expedition Mode when LoR Patch 1.11 drops tomorrow, Sept. 30.