Darkin and Shadow Isle Legends of Runeterra spoilers set up future archetypes

Teasers are heating up.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games dropped seven Awakening spoilers for the upcoming Legends of Runeterra expansion, showcasing powerful Darkin, Freljord, and Shadow Isles cards.

Scheduled to release on Aug. 31, the Awakening expansion includes four champions we know of so far. Joining the squad of champions in LoR are KaynJaxMaster Yi, and Norra. No champions were revealed during today’s Awakening spoilers, but several powerful cards were, potentially setting up a fifth champion or future archetypes.

Slotting right into the Shadow Isles sacrifice archetype is Tarrosh, a 10-drop follower in Shadow Isles with 10/10 base stats. The Darkin revives Ephermeral copies of slain allies upon attacking and can alternatively get summoned through The Darkin Halberd, a one-drop Equipment.

The Freljod region received a five-drop Equipment with +4./+4 stats through Bone Club. And Gift of the Heathblood might be the best spell LoR devs have dropped into the Freljord region in a long time. It has a mana cost of five and is at Burst speed. Gift of the Heathblood heals your Nexus for four, which slots into Control style decks. And it grants all allies and Equipment in your deck +1/+ while also drawing one of those pumped cards.

Also landing in the Shadow Isles region was Equipment removal through Quietus, costing only one mana to cast. Quietus can also destroy units with two or less power.

Players can test out all the new LoR cards on Aug. 31 with the release of the Awakening expansion.