5 new support-focused followers to join the Ionia region in Legends of Runeterra’s Call of the Mountain set

These units will help you in a pinch.

Riot Games revealed five new collectible cards today from Legends of Runeterra’s second expansion, Call of the Mountain, all coming from Ionia: Young Witch, Flower Child, Fuzzy Caretaker, Tasty Faefolk, and Swole Squirrel.

Young Witch is a two-cost unit with 1/1 stats, Elusive, and a Support ability that grants her supported ally +1/+0 and Quick Attack for the round. Flower Child is a one-cost unit with 1/2 stats and an ability that grants it a permanent +2/+0 whenever it’s supported. Fuzzy Caretaker is a four-cost unit with 3/3 stats and two separate abilities. One ability grants them +0/+3 for the round if they’re supported by an ally and its Support ability allows it to give another ally +3/+0 for the round. Tasty Faefolk is a three-cost unit with 4/2 stats and a Lifesteal keyword. Finally, Swole Squirrel is a four-mana 3/4 unit that can double its power every time it strikes.

At first glance, these cards may not have the best stats for their cost. But they’re more Support cards that can synergize well with the cards that were shown on the first day of the reveal season. When compared to the Targon Support cards, these cards’ Support abilities don’t grant permanent stats. But the more Support cards that are added, the more potential Taric, who was revealed yesterday, has to level up and gain his powerful effect.

Aside from the Support cards themselves, Flower Child, Tasty Faefolk, and Swole Squirrel are cards that will appreciate all the help they can get. Flower Child is a scaling one drop that’s strong if you’re going second since you can pair it up with a strong Support card on turn two, like War Chefs, Legion Drummer, or the recently-revealed Tyari the Traveler. If you hit this powerful curve on turn one into two, you can sometimes run away with a game. As a Lifesteal minion, Tasty Faefolk gaining stats can help raise the effectiveness of a defensive deck’s longevity. Swole Squirrel surviving any combat makes it an imminent threat every other turn since you can make it strike mid-combat with spells and threaten lethal damage.

Based on previous expectations and the words “Fae Ringleader” in today’s post, Lulu could be revealed tomorrow.

LoR: Call of the Mountain will officially be released for PC and mobile on Aug. 26.