3 best Legends of Runeterra decks to rank up the ladder in Patch 1.4

Rank quickly with Aggro.

Legends of Runeterra Quinn
Image via Riot Games

Aggro has returned as the most popular archetype to climb the ladder in Legends of Runeterra—for now. 

The Season of Fortune kicked off last week with a rank reset and over 20 balance changes that have stirred up the LoR meta. As with all ranked resets, Aggro becomes the most-played archetype as players grind the ladder in hopes of returning to tiers like Master and try to be the first to rank No. 1. 

Existing meta LoR decks like Viemerdinger (Vi/Heimerdinger) and Endure are still S-tier lists and will likely return to the most-played builds in due time. Anivia Control is also returning to the meta thanks to the overwhelming number of Aggro builds. And there’s Braunivia, also known as Bald Eagle, a Freljord/Shadow Isles archetype that was featured during Giant Slayer’s Fight Night Legends tournament. But for now, Aggro is on the loose. 

Here are some of the best LoR decks to use right now in Patch 1.4.

Darius Aggro

Image via Decks of Runeterra

Fresh Lobster made LoR history last week, ranking up the ladder in just 24 hours to the No. 1 EU Master tier spot. The top-ranked competitive player used a variety of decks for the climb, but the Darius Aggro build stood out. 

Darius is the only champion in the Noxus dominant build, splashed with Freljord units Omen Hawk and Ruthless Raider. Basilisk Rider is the standout Allegiance unit with Overwhelm, putting Darius in Level Up range. And Crimson Disciple puts in early damage to face in conjunction with Imperial Demolitionist.  

A second version of the Darius Aggro build showed up at Fight Night Legends last week, played by Team Liquid’s Hyped. The build added Draven to the lineup, splashing Shadow Isles for Atrocity and The Harrowing. 



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Swimstrim hit the No. 1 rank in NA over the weekend by playing a Zed Elusives build. Elusives were already on the rise prior to LoR Patch 1.4, but it’s become a powerful deck to run thanks to some “spicy” additions by Swim. 

The primarily Ionia build is splashed with the Freljord region, using Omen Hawk along with spells Fury of the North and Elixir of Iron. Navori Bladescout, Greenblade Duo, Navori Conspirator, Jeweled Protector, Shadow Assassin, and Windfarer Hatchling still make up the foundation of the build. Units like Solitary Monk (only one copy), Keeper of the Masks, and Navori Highwayman have also been added to the list.



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Scout is back thanks to Genevieve Elmheart, who received a power and defense buff in LoR Patch 1.4. Cephalopod brought a powerful version of the new Scout deck to Fight Night Legends, finishing in third place. Much like the original Scout deck that appeared during the Season of Plunder, Miss Fortune and Quinn are the two champions. 

Genevieve Elmheart adds so much to the build, though, providing a +1/+1 buff to all other allies while also having Challenger. And with a 5/5 stat line, there aren’t many champions or units that can escape her challenged attacks. Cithira the Bold is still in the deck, but with only one copy as opposed to the previous three.

Island Navigator also has a solid impact within the build, even though she was often overlooked in the older version. And never count out Rally with Relentless Pursuit to ensure a victory.


Honorable mentions

Several other new builds have also appeared in the LoR scene over the past couple of days, featuring decks like Teemo Burn, Bilgewater Burn, Corina Control, and Crimson Braum. 

Teemo Burn


Bilgewater Burn


Corina Control


Crimson Braum