Swim hits LoR Master No. 1 with spicy Elusives in NA

Rank up the ladder quickly with Elusives once again.

Legends of Runeterra Zed
Image via Riot Games Legends of Runeterra

Burn returns to the Legends of Runeterra ranked ladder with an Elusives deck by Sean “Swimstrim” Huguenard.

Top LoR streamer for Evil Geniuses Swim ranked first in the Master tier ladder in North America today with a good old Elusive burn deck. 

Swim’s version of the deck runs only Zed as the champion and is predominantly an Ionian region build. There’s also a splash of Freljord, with Omen Hawk for pumping up units, along with spells Fury of the North and Elixir of Iron. Swim also announced today he’s working on a full guide in how to play the deck that will release soon. 

Several of the units in Swim’s spicy Elusive build are staples, such as Navori Bladescout, Greenblade Duo, Navori Conspirator, Jeweled Protector, Shadow Assassin, and Windfarer Hatchling. 

Swim’s also added Solitary Monk (only one copy), Keeper of the Masks, and Navori Highwayman. And by splashing the build with Freljord, units like Omen Hawk are great for pumping up Zed and other Elusives, while Fury of the North can work as a finisher or as a beefed-up combat trick. 

Since the launch of LoR closed beta last year, Swim has been committed to creating high-level streams while also competing in community LoR tournaments. Streaming an average of six days a week, the former Gwent player is known for creating top-tier decks and a handful of “meme” ones as well.