Your Shop returns to League client in celebration of the game’s 10th anniversary

Jump on the deals before they expire.

Image via Riot Games

The celebrations for League of Legends’ 10th birthday have kicked off and Your Shop has returned to the League client just in time for the party. Beginning today, fans of the game can access their tailored shop in the League client and receive RP discounts for six random skins.

League fans can get up to 70 percent off on a selection of randomly chosen skins. Although the skins are random, Your Shop tailors the user’s skin selection with Discountbot, a bot that customizes each individual store to include skins for the player’s most-recently played champions.

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The shop’s selection of skins may include Legacy skins that aren’t available in the store. Typically, the customized shop excludes Legendary skins. But for the game’s 10th anniversary, Your Shop is giving players the chance to earn discounts on skins that normally cost 1,820 RP. Unfortunately for fans rolling the dice on Hextech Amumu, Your Shop will continue to exclude Ultimate and Loot-exclusive skins.

Your Shop isn’t the only thing Riot’s offering in celebration of a decade of League. The developer is also handing out free loot to players for simply logging in and playing games of League for 11 days. The prizes range from blue essence to Prestige Points depending on the day. On the 11th day, fans can earn a new Annie-versary skin for Annie alongside a new border and summoners icon.

Your Shop will leave the client on Nov. 18 at 3pm CT, so fans will have over a month to jump in on the deals before they expire.