Fans can unlock new Annie-versary skin in celebration of League’s 10th anniversary

"What's your favorite aminal? A Teemo?"

Image via Riot Games

To celebrate League of Legends‘ 10th anniversary, Riot Games is giving back to the player base and gifting fans with a slew of rewards, including a new skin for one of the game’s oldest champions: Annie, the Dark Child.

Named Annie-versary, the skin features the mage in casual attire. She sports blue hair, bear ears, and a poro backpack, and she proudly boasts numerous convention passes around her neck. The Dark Child hugs a Teemo plushie in one arm while a massive Teemo-themed Tibbers stands defensively behind her.

Fans can unlock the skin by participating in the game’s 10 Days of Gifting login bonus. For the first few days, players will earn smaller rewards such as icons and blue essence. But those dedicated fans who sign in and play a game of League every day will receive progressively better items throughout the week, including 25 Prestige Points on day seven and a legendary skin on day 10.

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Although the rewards event is called the 10 Days of Gifting, there’s actually 11 days of prizes. On the 11th day, players can unlock the Annie-versary skin in addition to a birthday border and summoners icon.

The 10 Days of Gifting event kicks off tomorrow. Anyone with an account made before Oct. 15 can receive the rewards. Those who miss a day will still be able to collect rewards from previous days for a short period of time before the event ends.