Yone disabled for LEC Summer Split playoffs

Lillia will be available, though.

Image via Riot Games

Yone, League’s newest champion, will be disabled for the entirety of the 2020 LEC playoffs, LEC commissioner Maximillian Peter Schmidt announced today. The reasons for this decision are based purely on the LEC’s rules and regulations, according to Schmidt

Rule 7.4.3 in the LEC’s official ruleset says “champions which have not been available on the live servers for more than one week will be automatically restricted.” While this doesn’t strictly apply to Yone, the rule goes on to say that champions “released on the patch utilized during playoffs” will also be restricted, even if that patch is also used during the regular season.

Despite this, Lillia, who was released just two weeks prior to Yone, will be available in the playoffs. This is due to the time frame and cutoff dates for each of the champions. Lillia was released on July 22 with Patch 10.15, while Yone came out on Aug. 6 with Patch 10.16

The playoffs, unlike the regular season, will be played on Patch 10.16 but will include the newly added Patch 10.17 bug fix to Lux, which addressed the issue around the triple-shield of her Prismatic Barrier. This means the playoffs will almost certainly feature certain champion pick priorities with nerfs to Ashe, Sett, Syndra, and Volibear, and buffs to Hecarim, Rakan, and Ziggs.

The LEC Summer Split playoffs kick off on Friday, Aug. 21 at 11am CT where Schalke 04 will look to continue their dramatic miracle run against SK Gaming.

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