When does League’s 2020 Pulsefire event begin?

The event runs until June 15.

Image via Riot Games

A new batch of Pulsefire skins are hitting League of Legends’ live servers this week. To celebrate, Riot Games is hosting another month-long event for fans of the game to earn exclusive rewards.

The event is centered around the Pulsefire skin line and will feature missions and event tokens like previous events. Fans will be able craft exclusive event loot items, such as icons, emotes, and chromas, by collecting tokens and using them in League’s Hextech Crafting tab.

At the start of the event, players will be able to unlock exclusive event chromas for several new and older Pulsefire skins. As the event progresses, however, chromas for League’s newest Astronaut skin recipients—Bard, Gnar, and Poppy—will also have exclusive chromas available in the event shop.  

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All players will be able to earn event tokens by completing a set of free missions. But to make the most of the event, players can purchase the Pulsefire Pass for 1,650 RP. The Pulsefire Pass comes with 200 Pulsefire Tokens and four Pulsefire Orbs. It also automatically unlocks a set of milestone and bonus token missions. Fans can find the full list of missions here.

When does the Pulsefire event begin?

The Pulsefire event kicks off on May 14 at 3pm CT, according to Riot’s support page for the event. The event ends on June 15, meaning missions will no longer be available for players to complete past this date. Players can continue to spend their event tokens until June 30, however, before the tokens expire.