Viego’s Dark Seal infinite AP bug in League of Legends explained

Sound the alarms.

Image via Riot Games

This week’s League of Legends patch caused a tidal wave of problems for Summoner’s Rift, resulting in multiple game-breaking bugs. 

From Azir’s ultimate not working as intended to Pyke’s passive malfunctioning, it’s been a hell of a week for Riot. But an exploit surrounding Viego, League’s latest champion, is perhaps the worst of them all.

Viego can jump up to an infinite amount of ability power with a Dark Seal. When the champion possesses an enemy with his Sovereign’s Domination (Passive) and dies almost immediately—either to an enemy champion or a turret—he spawns with 65,534 stacks on his Dark Seal. This bumps up his AP for the remainder of the game, making him an unstoppable killing machine.

The bug likely stems from a bug fix added to the game in Patch 11.5. “Viego no longer loses stacks on Mejai’s Soulstealer and Dark Seal when possessing an enemy, and now gains the Mejai’s and Dark Seal’s stacks of the enemies he posses,” it reads. 

Reddit user PHD_Bacon explained the bug. When Viego kills a champion, he gets two stacks. And when he dies, he’s supposed to lose those stacks. Dark Seal loses four stacks upon death but can’t be reduced below zero.

The recent bug fix, according to PHD, has somehow allowed Viego to ignore this rule when he possesses a champion. The game thinks Viego has negative-two stacks instead of zero. This, for whatever reason, increases his stacks rather than decreasing them.

For now, it’s best to avoid replicating this bug, especially in ranked solo queue. Exploiting Viego could easily lead to a permanent account ban.

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