Game-breaking Viego bug causes League player to get infinite AP with Dark Seal


Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends player has been caught red-handed exploiting a Viego bug in solo queue.

The game-breaking bug causes the Viego player to jump from one Dark Seal stack to 65,534 in a matter of seconds, increasing the player’s ability power for the rest of the game.

Viego, instead of purchasing a standard jungle item at level one, started with Dark Seal and attempted the exploit in multiple ranked matches. After possessing an enemy champion with his Sovereign’s Domination (Passive) and dying almost immediately to the turret, he transforms back into his regular form with the fully stacked Dark Seal. 

Dot Esports replicated the bug in the practice tool

The player then runs it down the mid lane, one-shotting turrets in his path, before finally taking out the inhibitors and the nexus in one fell swoop. The match, which was recorded by Reddit user StormGuy22, ended in just nine minutes and 18 seconds. 

It remains to be seen if Riot will punish the Viego player for this exploit but considering the gravitas of the bug, it’s more than likely to happen.

The bug is most likely caused by the Viego bugfix Riot implemented in Patch 11.5, which allowed Viego to keep his Dark Seal stacks when possessing a champion.

The devs, if they know what’s good for them, should prioritize fixing Viego as quickly as possible to prevent the champion from ruining further games of solo queue.

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