Tyler1 jokes that he can’t be banned from League because he had more hours watched than the LCS

"They actually need me."

Photo via Riot Games

Is Tyler1 bigger than League? He certainly seems to think so.

During his stream yesterday, a fan referenced a tweet from The Esports Observer that shows Tyler1 had more hours watched on Twitch than the official LCS channel for the past week. And that was despite the LCS having a popular match between Cloud9 and TSM on July 11.

Tyler1 reacted to the news by bursting into laughter and saying that it means he can’t be banned.

“No shit I don’t get banned,” Tyler1 said. “They actually need me. Watch this: I’m going to int the fuck outta this game because I can’t be banned.”

Of course, Tyler1 is only technically watched more due to a couple of factors, according to The Esports Observer. He streams more often than the LCS stream, five days compared to four. The Esports Observer also doesn’t draw metrics from YouTube, where the LCS gains viewership as well.

It’s been quite a turnaround for Tyler1. In 2016, he was banned indefinitely from League and even made enemies at Riot for creating more than 20 accounts to try to bypass his ban.

While his accounts were getting banned left and right, Tyler1 decided to completely reform himself and used this time away from the game to connect with his viewers. Tyler1 was unbanned after showing signs of self-improvement in 2018 and quickly became one of the faces of the League community again, on a more positive note this time.

And now, he’s doing better (by this admittedly very narrow metric) than the LCS itself.