Tyler1 reaches Challenger in every League role

Welcome to the League of Tyler1.

Screengrab via twitch.tv/loltyler1

Tyler1 has conquered every role in League of Legends by completing his quest to reach the Challenger rank in every lane earlier today. The League streamer became famous thanks to his energetic personality and performances on Draven, but now he’ll be known as one of the few who reached the highest rank in every role the game has to offer. 

Tyler1’s road to conquer the Challenger rank in every League role in solo queue began in early 2020, starting with his main role, AD carry. Two years later, he concluded his quest by mastering the support role in February 2022. The challenge seems tough enough as it is, but what makes it even more difficult is the fact that Tyler1 had to reach the Challenger role starting from completely new accounts, and then climbing the ranks one by one.

After hitting Challenger as AD carry, Tyler1 went for the jungler role, reaching his goal after over 1,000 games played. 

After mastering the AD carry and the jungler roles, he moved to the top lane, where he made it to Challenger after almost 2,000 games. Tyler1 had some harsh comments after mastering the role, even going as far as saying and explaining why it “sucks” to play in that lane. In September 2021, he reached Challenger playing only in the mid lane, thus checking one more role off his list. 

The missing piece on his campaign was support. He reached the peak in around 450 games and approximately five months while playing only support, which brought his long-term quest to an end.

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