The Clash beta in Europe has been rescheduled again, but this time it’s not Clash’s fault

A network issue not related to the Clash is affecting it.

Image via Riot Games

European League of Legends players have reasons to believe they’ll never play the game’s tournament mode, Clash.  

League developer Riot Games said it is rescheduling this weekend’s Clash beta test on Europe servers due to an issue with network operations. The company mentioned “technical issues outside of Clash which is concerning for this weekend’s Clash test,” so it will not open Clash at the times scheduled this Saturday on Europe Nordic & East and Europe West.

All other regions seem to be unaffected by that problem, including North America. The Clash beta test for this region should remain the same, opening on Friday, Nov. 2 at 8pm CT, with matches estimated to start at 8:35pm CT.

Recent Clash tests have gone well in smaller League regions, but other tests have been delayed more than once due to serious issues related to the game mode. This is the first time that a Clash test is being delayed due to an issue that was not caused by the game mode.

The first weekend of the game mode was canceled in May in several regions due to issues when starting and ending matches, with teams being randomly given wins or losses in spite of the real match result.

Clash had so many issues that players spent months without hearing a word on its state. Now that it seemed to be ready for a one-day test, the tournament mode was delayed again on Europe.

Riot has not mentioned what the latest issue was or how bad it is for Clash. Players can only hope it doesn’t cause Clash delays for weeks again.