Clash beta schedule: Start times for Europe and North America

Find out when the Clash Beta begins in your region.

Image via Riot Games

Clash, the highly-anticipated tournament mode for League of Legends, is coming to Europe and North America this weekend for a brief beta test. 

The game mode pits teams against each other in an esports-style bracket competition. Teams will be able to prepare beforehand, scout their opponents, and compete for sweet new rewards.

But the game mode has been plagued by technical issues since the very beginning. With some of the issues resolved, Riot Games has begun testing in smaller increments region-by-region. So far, tests in Oceania, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia have gone well. This weekend, the beta finally comes to Europe and North America

Start times for the various regions in the test are as follows:

  • NA: Clash opens on Friday, Nov. 2 at 8pm CT, with matches estimated to start at 8:35pm CT.
  • EUW and EUNE: Rescheduled until further notice—tickets purchased will be refunded.

Players can receive four Clash tickets by logging into the game client to join the beta testing. The test will last for one day in North America and two days for Europe. So get your team together now to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts, and stay tuned to the client for more details.

Update Nov. 2 10am CT: Start times for NA and both EU regions were pushed back with no set time for the European test.