League will have a one-day Clash test on Nov. 2

You can begin to create your team next week.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will hold a one-day test for League of Legends’ in-game tournament mode Clash on Nov. 2, the developer announced via the League website.

After successful tests on the PBE, and the creation of a recovery tool, Riot says it feels comfortable enough to move forward with the Clash testing process. The next step is a one-day, four-team bracket test in eight different regions.

The test has a one-ticket entry, and each player that participates in the test will earn Victory Points, as well as a chance at a Clash orb, Clash beta banner, and an icon.

In its PBE testing, Riot was able to re-create several of the issues players were having. In the first test, the developers found that the games started more reliably following some backend changes. The second test saw Riot successfully bring players back to the game after crashing.

Its third test was a four-team bracket, which caused teams to have some issues entering games. Fortunately, Riot said it worked on a solution. And in its final PBE test, Riot found more confidence in the Clash Management Tool’s ability to recover from “disastrous scenarios.”

While the post does certainly emit some hope that Clash will finally be good to go, players should remain cautious. The initial weekend of Clash was canceled way back in May due to technical issues. And in June, tests were canceled because of “serious testing problems” and connections dropping.

Players that wish to participate in the one-day test must have a rank and be Honor level two or higher. Teams can be created starting Oct. 31, giving them a few days before the competition’s start time of 7pm CT on Nov. 2.