Global Clash tests in League are being canceled due to “serious testing problems”

The future of Clash is looking anything but steady.

Image via Riot Games

Another day, another screw-up for League of Legends’ newest in-client tournament mode Clash. Today, after “serious testing problems” on the European server, some of the game’s other regional servers are canceling today’s testing, including Brazil, according to an announcement on League’s official Brazil forums.

A translation of the announcement vaguely cites those testing problems as the issue, as well as connections dropping. The post did not mention a specific date for the return of Clash testing, but it did state that Riot would keep players posted.

Clash’s full release was altogether cancelled last month after major problems with matches starting, and it sounds like those same issues were the culprit today, according to a tweet by Riot staffer Ben Forbes. Specifically, matches fail to start and then winners and losers are randomly decided by the client, or matches are just automatically lost.

That’s not a great problem to have when there are actual prizes and buy-ins on the line, two things that are included in Clash.

The most shocking part of the announcement, however, was that Clash’s issues didn’t just impact Clash alone, it bled into the game’s other modes, too. The post on League Brazil’s forums detailed connection issues and auto-losses in both normal and ranked queues, too, stemming from Clash.

Not much else is known about Clash’s future, but with another game-breaking issue on the playing field, it’s safe to assume the feature’s full release will likely be delayed even more than it already is.