Riot says it could be a while before Clash comes back to League

Riot cites back-end issues and promises more in-depth testing before it returns.

Images via Riot Games | Remix by Aaron Mickunas

League of Legends’ Clash mode had a turbulent start this weekend when its debut was canceled due to technical issues. Unfortunately, for all the players who are looking forward to the game mode, Clash isn’t out of the woods yet.

Riot has identified the cause of the problems, according to the company’s announcement today, but it doesn’t know when it will be fixed. When Riot believes it has finally fixed the problem, the mode will go through worldwide beta testing before it launches again.

In other words, Riot is still trying to fix the problem and Clash’s official release remains up in the air for the foreseeable future.

After months of waiting for the in-game tournament feature, players weren’t terribly happy when the first weekend was canceled on Friday, taking to both the game’s Reddit community and the official game forums to complain and crack jokes at Riot’s expense. It’s fair to assume that delaying the mode’s release for weeks or months could be met with some backlash.

The League community has high expectations for the mode, and Clash needs to function properly to meet these ideals. If Riot went ahead and rushed its release without taking time to ensure that it’s definitely working, the situation could end up worse.

For those who haven’t been following Clash very closely since its announcement earlier this year, it’s a tournament feature that will be included in the official game client, allowing players of all skill levels to participate in a fully-premade, competitive atmosphere unlike anything they’ve experienced in League before.

Riot will likely update its fans and players as Clash makes its way through internal testing once more.