T1 secure Worlds 2021 spot with a dominant victory against Gen.G

T1 are going to the LCK Summer Playoffs Finals in-form.

Image via T1

T1 secured their spot at the 2021 League of Legends World Championship following a 3-1 victory against Gen.G in the LCK Summer playoffs today.

It was a dominant performance from the T1 team. Despite losing the first game in the series to Gen.G, they bounced back quickly to secure three victories in a row. The win means T1 will face DWG KIA in the LCK finals next weekend and marks T1’s first appearance in an LCK final since Spring 2020. In the matchup, they beat Gen.G 3-0 to represent the LCK at the 2020 Mid-Season invitational, which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The victory also marks T1’s first appearance at Worlds since 2019, where SKT—T1’s name at the time—made an impressive run to the semi-finals before losing to G2 Esports, the eventual runner-ups of the competition. T1 will be guaranteed a slot in the play-in stage at least, but the organization could go straight into the group stage if they win the LCK Summer crown.

It isn’t all doom and gloom for Gen.G, however. The team was already guaranteed a spot at Worlds 2021 before the match even kicked off after DWG beat Nongshim RedForce in yesterday’s semi-final 3-0. Gen.G will be hoping DWG repeats that victory in the LCK final against T1 on Aug. 28 if the team wants to slot right into the group stage at Worlds.

Depending on how the results go, we will see Gen.G or T1 compete in the LCK Regional Finals from Aug. 31, which will also decide the fourth and final LCK Worlds representative.

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