15 December 2017 - 14:42

Team ROCCAT continue to build their roster for the Spring Split by adding HeaQ

ROCCAT is one member away from a completed roster.
Photo via Riot Games

Team ROCCAT has added its fourth player for the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split, picking up ADC Martin "HeaQ" Kordmaa from Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The move is pending Riot approval, according to ROCCAT's announcement.

HeaQ will be joining up with former Ninjas in Pyjamas teammate Kim "Profit" Jun-hyund, who joined the team on Dec. 11, and replacing ADC Petter "Hjarnan" Freyschuss who joined G2 in the offseason alongside former ROCCAT support Kum "Wadidi" Bae-in.

HeaQ doesn't have the best record in the EU LCS. He was a part of the 2017 Ninjas in Pyjamas and Giants Gaming LCS rosters that finished last in their respected groups in the Summer and Spring Splits respectfully. HeaQ was unable to keep these teams afloat as the teams crashed out of the EU LCS, dropping into the EU Challenger Series.

With ROCCAT finishing fourth overall in both the 2017 Spring and Summer Splits in the EU LCS, the organization will be looking to improve on past results by finishing in a playoff position.

ROCCAT's current roster, however, is not really of a standard to be challenging the top teams. It's a roster of players that have either failed to lead their team out of the Challenger Series into the EU LCS, or have failed to make an impact in the EU LCS all together.

ROCCAT is now only missing a support player, and is expected to announce that final piece soon. Tore "Norskeren" Hoel Eilertsen, formerly of Schalke 04, was reported by ESPN to be the last member of the roster a few days ago.

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