Riot unveils new-look Pentakill skins in League PBE preview, confirms Viego is joining the band

Time to shred your way to the victory screen.

Image via Riot Games

It’s time to pick up your guitars and get ready to fire up your amps to 11, because Riot Games has finally revealed the new skins for League of Legends’ resident rock band, Pentakill. The developers have also unveiled the newest champion coming to the ranks of the shredding soldiers, with everyone’s favorite Ruined King joining in on the act.

Viego has officially joined Pentakill as the group’s newest guitarist. He’ll likely vent out his frustration with recently losing his long-lost love while his guitar gently weeps. Yorick, Kayle, Olaf, Mordekaiser, Sona, and Karthus haven’t been left in the past, though. Every single original member of the band has been given a fresh new costume to rock while performing on stage and on Summoner’s Rift.

Their skins have been updated to look a lot more sleek and modern, while still maintaining that classic dark, brooding look that Pentakill had all those years ago. Each member is rocking some leather jackets and clothing, except for Mordekaiser, who’s ironclad in a beautifully designed new set of armor. The group is also rocking an elegant blue and gold colorway across the whole line, aside from Viego, who’s opted for a different outfit.

The fallen king will be taking the spotlight in an all-white suit while arming himself with his trusty greatsword that doubles as a guitar. His usual Ruination-themed green glow has been replaced with the blazing fury of Pentakill, giving him a red glow that should make him just as terrifying to see pop out of the shadows during a gank.

Each skin has a new set of visual effects to match the line and their recall animations feature some riffs from the music of Pentakill. Sona’s audio effects are especially fun because every time she activates an ability, a different guitar riff plays from her etwahl. When the Maven of the Strings uses her ultimate, she plays a chord that rings out as she causes all her enemies to dance uncontrollably while the rest of her team sends them back to a gray screen.

Pentakill’s new album, Lost Chapter, is set to release next month on Wednesday, Sept. 8. Fans should expect a whole slew of tracks, including up to 10 new original songs, according to Riot’s creative director Christian “Praeco” Linke. The stage is set and the people are ready to headbang their way to a higher Elo soon.

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