Riot teases toward a new Pentakill release this September

The date that Pentakill fans have been waiting almost half a decade for is almost upon us.

Image via Riot Games

After a four-year hiatus, the League of Legends heavy rock band is finally returning to the spotlight in September this year, hopefully, with some brand-new material to whet the appetites of their hungry fans.

Much like K/DA and True Damage, the pop groups that feature a cast of alternate-universe champions, Pentakill is a virtual rock band created by Riot Games. The band made a brief comeback to perform at the conclusion of the LCS Mid Season Showdown event earlier this year to preview and promote their upcoming music, and it seems that it’s finally time that fans get a little more information on the project.

Riot released a somewhat vague graphic yesterday, prominently featuring the date Sep. 8, 2021, and the hashtags #ReturnOfLegends and #III. The hashtags are likely in reference to the band’s return from its long break away from creating music. Their first two records were labelled I and II in Roman numerals, making their next work the third in the series.

Riot’s creative director Christian “Praeco” Linke spoke about the band’s comeback in March last year, saying that “there will definitely be another Pentakill album that features original music.”

“At least a handful, up to 10 songs or so,” Praeco said. “We’re definitely all eager to get back into it.”

Players can still purchase Pentakill skins in-game for the champions that feature in the cast such as Sona, Olaf, Mordekaiser, Yorick, and Kayle. There is no information as of yet on which members, if any, will be returning to the band’s core lineup or if we’ll see a brand new set of rockers comprise the newest iteration of the Pentakill legacy.

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