Riot unveils final chapter in League’s Sentinels of Light story with thrilling ‘Absolution’ cinematic

"Two souls entwined by fate. One life for the other's freedom."

Screengrab via Riot Games

The League of Legends “Absolution” cinematic was released today, closing out the Sentinels of Light story in dramatic fashion.

With Ruined King Viego’s obsession with reviving his fallen wife reaching a crescendo, the Sentinels attempt to save the world in the latest cinematic. Fans who want to avoid any spoilers should watch “Absolution” first before reading on.

The cinematic begins with Senna baiting Viego into a trap as the other Sentinels of Light are prepared to ambush the Ruined King. As Viego tries to claim Isolde’s soul from Senna, the Sentinels spring the trap with a Graves Smoke Screen. Lucian, Vayne, and Akshan then join the firefight to knock the Ruined King down, with Gwen using her threads and needles to confine the obsessed king.

That isn’t enough to stop Viego, however. The Ruined King summons his sword to his other hand and impales Gwen, explaining that “love is not easily dissuaded.”

Viego delivers a strong blow that knocks the Sentinels down, capturing Senna and Gwen with the intention of retrieving Isolde’s soul from them. The Ruined King leaves a possessed Pantheon in his stead, along with multiple minions to deal with the remaining protagonists. When Isolde is revived, she scolds the heartbroken Viego for his role in the Ruination.

“Your black and broken heart has destroyed everything,” Isolde said. “You turned our season of love into an eternity of bitterness and madness… Our tragedy should have died with me. Now, let me rest.”

Akshan, hearing Isolde’s message, fires at her soul to finally put her to rest. With Senna and Gwen now conscious, the two use their powers to imprison Viego and end the Ruination. Pantheon returns to his senses, Senna and Lucian embrace, and Akshan delivers some comedic relief with a failed attempt at putting his arm around Vayne.

Even though the story has reached its end, the Sentinels of Light event will continue to run until Aug. 10 across all Riot titles.

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