Riot trying to solve LoL’s infinite mana exploit actually brought back an even worse glitch


Image via Riot Games

Riot micropatched a mana glitch in League of Legends following Patch 13.6, yet, the hotfix caused an even worse issue regarding mana.

The adjustments that went live on March 24 fixed a bug that allowed players to undo selling Delivery Biscuit, which permanently increased their maximum mana. Now, the bug works in another direction, decreasing players’ maximum mana if they undo item purchases after getting a biscuit, according to League’s developer team on Twitter.

Naturally, the devs underlined they are currently working on solving the new issue, however, it will most likely take a bit of time. Luckily for players, undoing item purchases after getting a biscuit isn’t something done often, so they shouldn’t be affected much. And, moreover, this time around it actually can’t be abused by others to enhance their maximum mana pool.

The best possible solution, if you were aiming to play League, would probably be not picking the Biscuit Delivery rune in your upcoming games, unless you’re playing a mana-less or energy champion, or really need that additional sustain at the beginning of your match.

Many players in the replies pointed out the case is just hilarious, making various jokes about the game’s code and the developers. And, you can’t deny the fact that tweaking the original glitch in a way that causes it to bug in an opposite way is just ironic.

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With the upcoming Patch 13.7 scheduled for an April 5 release, it’s almost certain that the developers will launch another short hotfix in the coming days or hours once they solve this biscuit issue. In the end, it’s a pivotal rune picked for many various champions, so it’d better be patched up rather sooner than later.

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